Logitech’s quaint new Party Collection mice want to be the life of the party

Mention the word mouse and you’ll likely conjure up images of either the harbinger of the bubonic plague or that plastic clicky thing that lives on your desktop. Both usually come in a motley, unremarkable grey but Logitech aims to jazz up the latter with their new Party Collection range of mouse devices that come in an array of rather memorable motifs to jazz up your desktop.

Logitech_Party Collection_Popsicle
The 2016 Party Collection consists of six wireless mice done up with kitschy, 80’s motifs – it’s your choice of gorillas, astronauts, popsicles, flamingos, cocktails or toucans. Regardless of motif, each two-button wireless mouse in the collection runs on a single AA battery that lasts you a year before needing a top-up, has a scroll wheel and a mini USB receiver that lets you mouse away wirelessly from up to 10 feet away from your target device.

Party Collection M238 Cocktail
The Logitech 2016 Party Collection is sold individually with each mouse clocking in at RM69 inclusive of GST. Swing by their official site here for more details.Logitech 2016 Party Collection

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