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Now that people are working longer hours from home and incurring all manner of repetitive stress related injuries on account of shoddy chairs and other gear, peripheral manufacturers are offering a plethora of ergonomic devices to cater to this demand and the Logitech Lift is the latest addition to hop onto the ergonomic device bandwagon but is it worth its RM299 price tag? Here’s our Logitech Lift mouse review where we put it to the test!

Logitech Lift Mouse Review top

What is the Logitech Lift mouse?

The Logitech Lift mouse is essentially a productivity oriented mouse with an ergonomic design that has your hand in what is essentially a vertical, neutral position much in the manner of a handshake versus the typical hands down position in the vast majority of mouse devices in the market.

This design has the mouse buttons aligned sideways with a tall grip that looms out of the base of the mouse with an extended thumb rest that flares out in order to help relieve repetitive stress injury especially on your wrists. While the buttons and front half of the mouse are primarily made of plastic, the palm rest and much of the rear of our Logitech Lift mouse review sample is made of a rubberised material to offer a better grip.

Logitech Lift Mouse Review front

Our Logitech Lift Mouse review sample came in a dark shade of graphite which looks very business chic.

On top of its unusual vertical design, the Logitech Lift features the obligatory left and right click buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, a DPI adjustment button placed just below it as well as two thumb buttons, all of which are silent without the customary clickiness of most mouse buttons. Most of these buttons are customisable save for the left and right mouse buttons via the free Logi Options+ software for Windows and MacOS.

Logitech Lift Mouse Review underside

The base of our Logitech Lift Mouse review sample features a bay sealed with magnets that has space for an AA battery and the Logi Bolt receiver.

The underside of the mouse features a set of teflon coated feet, an optical sensor, an on’/off switch, a button to switch profiles between up to 3 connected devices and a flip-out magnetic cover. Popping the cover open offers access to an AA battery bay as well as a recessed socket for a 2.4GHz Logi Bolt wireless receiver. 

In keeping with Logitech’s approach towards sustainability, the Logitech Lift is partially made of post-consumer recycled plastic though this varies depending on which colourway you get.

Our Logitech Lift review sample in a dual-toned graphite and grey has a generous 70% usage of recycled material. The rose colourway which has a pink and maroon finish and the off-white variants which has a white and grey finish use 54% of recycled material.

The packaging of our Logitech Lift mouse review sample contains the mouse itself, a quick start guide and a single AA battery so you can get started using it straight out of the box.

Logitech Lift mouse review – Setup and Performance

The Logitech Lift connects to devices wirelessly via Bluetooth or the provided Logi Bolt USB receiver that lets you connect to a laptop or other device by plugging it into a USB Type-A port.

As they’ve handily provided an AA battery with the mouse itself, getting it up and running simply requires you to turn it on after removing the safety tab and then connecting to a PC or tablet. Unfortunately, the mouse lacks any wired connection options which may be a potential issue if you prefer using wired mice.

On paper, the Logitech Lift mouse is intended for those with smaller or medium sized hands which are, to quote the official literature, less than the size of three and a half credit cards stacked side by side; my hand easily exceeded these dimensions by a modest degree.

Logitech Lift Mouse Review rear underside

When held, my Logitech Lift mouse review sample was a bit on the small side which meant that the base of my pinky and hand were rubbing around across the surface of the table when in use and the thumb rest itself didn’t offer sufficient purchase which required me to hold the mouse like an air hockey striker. However, I let my colleague who had smaller hands play around with the Logitech Lift and she found that it offered her a more natural, comfortable grip.

When paired with a Windows 11 PC, the Logitech Lift mouse did its job in a competent fashion. The silent mouse buttons are almost whisper quiet with, at most, a muted click though the tradeoff is that the feedback of the buttons is a bit on the mushy side.

Apart from its unusual design, what sets the Logitech Lift apart from a standard mouse is the amount of customisability available for its buttons. While it works straight out of the box, the free Logi Options+ companion app lets you tweak a number of settings that include the ability to assign what your mouse buttons do in general or on a per app basis so you can have a custom set when you’re using a particular application like Premiere Pro or Chrome.

Logitech Lift Mouse Review left side

There’s a bit of a learning curve involved in using a vertical mouse like the Logitech Lift and while I did not derive much of a tangible difference in terms of comfort or mousing efficiency on account of my large hands, my colleague with her smaller hands loved it to bits and claimed it was wonderfully comfortable to use. 

On paper, the Logitech Lift and its single AA battery is rated for a whopping 24 months of battery life though this is, of course, dependent on how often you use it. Across the last couple of weeks with fairly regular daily use, it still has plenty of juice left without any foreseeable need for a battery change for the next few months.

Should you buy the Logitech Lift mouse?

The Logitech Lift mouse accomplishes what it sets out to do and offers a more relaxed, neutral grip  for those with small to medium sized hands with a modicum of customisability. If you’re still on the fence as to whether it’s ergonomically suited to your needs, it’s well worth the trouble to check it out at a shop first before you pull the trigger. For a more conventional travel friendly mouse, you can check out the Asus Marshmallow MD100 or the Logitech Signature M650.

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Review sample courtesy of Logitech Malaysia. For more details visit https://www.logitech.com/en-my/products/mice/lift-vertical-ergonomic-mouse.910-006481.html 

Price RM299
Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy, Logi Bolt USB receiver (included)
Dpi range 400-4,000 dpi
Buttons 6 (left/right, back/forward, middle button, scroll wheel with middle click)
Battery 1x AA (rated for 24 months)
Size/Weight 71x70x108mm/125g

  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Battery Life
  • Value