LG PuriCare 4-WARD tankless water purifier ensures pure water in your home from RM130/month 1

LG Electronics Malaysia has just debuted their new LUG PuriCare 4-WARD tankless water purifier range for the Malaysia market which consists of three different colourways.

The range comes with a 3-stage filtration system that ensures that heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and the like are removed from the water along with any nasty microorganisms to ensure water is safe to drink. The PuriCare 4-WARD is also able to dish out hot water on demand at specific temperatures – 85° for making coffee, 75°for tea and 40° for making instant milk formula for babies.

LG Puricare 4 WARD

In order to minimise potential spills, the range also has an automatic dispensing tap that will automatically move down to just beyond the rim of the cup you place to eliminate spillage. The tap can also be adjusted. The tap can also be installed vertically or horizontally on the Puricare 4-WARD tankless water purifier depending on your needs.

You can purchase the LG PuriCare 4-WARD outright with the white version retailing for RM5,300 and the silver and Shiny Rose variants for RM5,600 or you can alternatively rent them from RM130 a month for the white one and RM140 for the Silver PuriCare 4-WARD. The Shiny Rose variant is only available for purchase outright.

They’re also throwing in three-years of free servicing if you purchase it outright or five-years of free servicing if you opt to rent it. For more details check out their page at https://www.lg.com/my/water-purifiers/4-WARD/purity-in-every-drop

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