Lenovo releases ThinkSmart View, Hub 500 and more for better workplace collaboration 1

Lenovo has announced an expanded portfolio of ThinkSmart devices in Malaysia that aim to enhance the ability to collaborate remotely in the form of the ThinkSmart View, ThinkSmart Hub 500 and ThinkSmart Edition Tiny.

The ThinkSmart View is a personal communications solution that resembles a cross between a tablet and a chunky standalone speaker that’s powered by an APQ8053 SoC but which is intended to manage the administrative and collaborative aspects of virtual meetings to make it an easy one stop solution to get virtual meetings sorted in a jiffy. It’s also small enough to be man-portable.

thinksmart view

ThinkSmart View for Microsoft Teams

The ThinkSmart Hub itself is a purpose-built room system for one-touch start to get meetings up and going in a matter of minutes. The ThinkSmart Hub has an Intel vPro CPU, integrated speakers, dual mikes and a swivelling touchscreen display along with a 360-degree microphone array to make any meeting a cinch.

The ThinkSmart Edition Tiny is a compact poly conference room solution that’s easy to move around and which packs an Intel i5-9600T vPro CPU running WIndows 10 along with Microsoft Teams support. 

thinksmart tiny

ThinkSmart Edition Tiny

The smart office market is growing exponentially, and Lenovo’s industry-leading smart office solutions will be instrumental in helping customers embrace smart collaborative tools,” said Varinderjit Singh, General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia. “The simple-to-setup and intuitive ThinkSmart devices are the perfect partners for companies to enable local and remote employees to communicate efficiently, on time, every time, enhancing the overall employee experience and delivering powerful business collaboration.” For more details on pricing  and availability, you can email Lenovo’s official email at lenovoymy@lenovo.com

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