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Mention LEGO to most people and it typically conjures up images of their more popular Star Wars line and Technics kits but the brand also issues more exclusive designs meant for more mature users in their Creator Expert collection like the new LEGO Succulents kit that features 9 mini examples of shrubbery that mimic the real thing. Here’s our LEGO Succulents review where we build it up and see if it’s worth your money!

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What is the LEGO Succulents kit

Seeing as I am an acknowledged black thumb and have been known to bring about the demise of even hardy succulents, it’s timely that everyone’s favourite brick brand introduced a new kit dubbed the LEGO Succulents set from their Botanical Collection which is a part of their Creator Expert range. 

LEGO Succulents review view

The LEGO Succulents kit consists of 771 parts, divided across 3 bags and three instruction manuals which build up into 9 succulents that all feature the same dimensions based on a common 6×6 base plate that rise up into a mini pot built of bricks into a small succulent made of LEGO. The shortest is barely an inch high with the tallest measuring in at about 5 inches high inclusive of the pot.

Each of the nine succulents in the set is completely different and are moderately difficult to build with only or two succulents out of the entire set requiring some level of patience as it relies on somewhat confusing instructions.

Unlike other offerings in the LEGO Botanical Collection, the LEGO Succulents are relatively compact, individual designs that can be displayed separately or combined together via pegs in the bottom of each pot to form a larger 3 by 3 centrepiece display. It’s not inconceivable to split the kit between 8 other friends with each one picking a pot out of the set but the set looks its best when displayed together.

Price RM220
Number of parts 771
Ages 18+
Model number 10309

LEGO Succulents Review – Building Experience

Assembling the whole LEGO Succulents kit can be done solo over the course of two to three hours which makes it ideal for a lazy weekend afternoon. While the first few kits took some time, they all have many points in common in terms of their construction with all of them having a similar means of assembling their pots so our LEGO Succulents review sample assembly time got shaved down after the fourth or fifth model in.

Alternatively, the kit can be split among three other people as it comes in three separate bags, each of which has a specific manual which builds up three models per bag, which can make the entire LEGO Succulents kit a fun group build experience.

LEGO Succulents review view set 1

Each of the succulents uses a range of unorthodox ports and unique assembly techniques such as using LEGO peaked caps and LEGO dinosaur eggs to mimic seed pods and unusual parts that allow for a modest range of motion. Not all of the LEGO Succulents reviewed and assembled were moveable but several had a modest range of motion for their constituent parts such as the one that looked like an Aloe vera plant that had adjustable leaves.

LEGO Succulents review view set 2

Many of the builds are straightforward and a pleasure to build though some constantly repeat the same technique multiple times to build up sets of leaves which makes it feel repetitive at times. 

Another particular succulent, the Red Echeveria with its off-hangled leaves was also difficult to build as it relied on one Technics style central pylon which had to be inserted the right way in to allow the business-end of it to act as a peg for a LEGO brick. Unfortunately the manual wasn’t too clear on that and a bit of disassembly was required to correct it when I assembled it wrongly but it’s not a deal breaker.

LEGO Succulents review view set 3

Once fully assembled, our LEGO Succulents review samples were relatively solidly built though some of the petals in some models were slightly fragile to the touch and may benefit from a bit of glue to keep them secure. Throughout the build experience, LEGO has peppered the assembly manuals with a few interesting anecdotes and factoids about succulents along with a bit about the designer of the set, one Anderson Ward Grubb.

LEGO Succulents Review – Should you buy it?

The LEGO Succulents set is an attractive looking kit that’s also slightly modular with its interconnecting pots that allows for a wide variety of ways to display it whether it’s in a group or individually.

Hitech Century Gold Award

The bright, vivid colours and compact dimensions of each LEGO Succulent make it a colourful complement to any desk and a timeless addition to any collection.

Lego succulents review box

LEGO Succulents review sample courtesy of LEGO. For more details please visit

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LEGO Succulents Review
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  • Design
  • Value

LEGO Succulents Review

 The LEGO Succulents kit from their Botanical Collection in their Creator Expert series is the perfect choice for those looking for a LEGO kit that looks unobtrusive but is colourful enough to brighten up a work desk with a splash of colour and whimsy. Many of the parts are small and some of the builds are slightly confusing but it’s relatively easy once you’ve finished a few pots. This kit comes highly recommended as a gift for someone new to LEGO or needing something colourful to grace their desk.


These succulents are immortal

Looks great individually or as a group

Enjoyable and unique build techniques

Great to build with 2-3 people


Some of the build techniques are incredibly repetitive

Some parts of the model overly reliant on one part in the right orientation