Getting stuff sent to our homes is somewhat of a pain, especially since the vast majority of us are working stiffs who have to be elsewhere earning a paycheck when the delivery guy arrives. Lazada e-Logistics Malaysia, their last-mile arm has teamed up with PopBox, the smart parcel locker service provider to allow users to pick up their parcels at a convenient self-service fashion.

Starting today, Lazada shoppers can pick up their packages from a PopBox locker address once they check out their packages. Once said items are delivered and in the PopBox locker, they’ll get a PIN code via SMS to get their goodies. This certainly makes life a lot easier as there are some 80 PopBox lockers, each with 43 separate compartments scattered across the Klang Valley at a host of convenient spots like malls, office buildings and apartments. To date, the service is limited to the Klang Valley but they’re looking to expand to other cities some time in the future. For more details on the service swing by

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