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Renowned memory product purveyor Kingston has announced their novel Kingston Is With You campaign where they aim to share the power of recorded memories to inspire and drive one forward.

To kick off the Kingston is With You campaign, the brand is debuting a specially commissioned film on YouTube called Memories Empower that, ‘depicts a young girl’s encounters after an abrupt change in life and exploring the theme that memories not only connect people to their past, but it also provides the courage to continue moving forward. Kingston invites viewers to embark on this journey of self-recovery’.

As part of the campaign, Kingston has also crafted a special limited-edition memory gift box that stimulates the five senses of touch, sight, taste, hearing and smell across 7 days of challenges with a challenge a day uncovered through special cards. Kingston has also included a unique Kingston x CSD face mask in the gift box.

Kingston is With You 7-Day Memory Challenge

There will also be a special 7-Day Memory Challenge with winners announced on Kingston’s Facebook page this coming 20th May. Those who share their challenges online will also stand a chance to win an iPhone 12 and other thrilling gifts. 

The brand is also offering a slew of free gifts with purchases from now until 18th June. Buyers who acquire storage media that are 480GB and above get a free Kingston x CSD face mask and sanitiser spray.

Purchases of Kingston 16GB HyperX DRAM and more will get a free face mask and waist pouch. For more details on the Kingston is With You campaign, check out their official page at http://kings.tn/PR_KingstonIsWithYou

You can check out the film below:

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