Cyberjaya to host Kaspersky’s first Transparency Centre in APAC

Cyberjaya to host Kaspersky’s first Transparency Centre in APAC

Kaspersky’s drive to build trust in the cybersecurity industry has seen the global cybersecurity giant establishing Transparency Centres across the globe.

Their latest Kaspersky Transparency Centre will be located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia and is the first in Asia Pacific and the third code review centre established by the cybersecurity giant.

Kaspersky Transparency Centre launched in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

The establishment of the facility in Cyberjaya is highly strategic as it is right next door to the key cyber-related government agencies and companies in Malaysia.

The new Kaspersky Transparency Centre in Cyberjaya is the third such facility in the world after the establishment of the first centre in Switzerland and the second one in Madrid. The Cyberjaya facility is slated to be launched in Q3 2019.

Kaspersky Transparency Centre launch

Kaspersky CEO Eugene Kaspersky, (2nd from right) and members of CyberSecurity Malaysia and other Kaspersky team members at the launch of the Transparency Centre in Cyberjaya.

The Transparency Centre in Cyberjaya, in line with its sister facilities acts as a trusted facility for Kaspersky’s partners and company stakeholders to personally inspect the source code and review all prior builds and versions of their comprehensive array of cybersecurity solutions for both consumer and enterprise solutions alike that include Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS), Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES), Kaspersky Security Center (KSC) and more. Visitors are able to also view the information processed and sent to Kasperksy’s cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).

It’s great to be here in Kuala Lumpur – in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region – to announce the opening of our third Transparency Center. Here we intend to show customers and government stakeholders that our products are 100% trustworthy and ensure the highest level of cybersecurity protection. The launch also proves that the activities we planned under our pioneering Global Transparency Initiative remain on track,”said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky who graced the opening of the Transparency Centre in Cyberjaya with other invited guests.

We are excited to unlock the doors of this digital hub to let users experience the services and capabilities of Kaspersky’s cybersecurity technology here in our region. As a paradigm shift for the cybersecurity industry, this facility – the first in the region – will be located in Cyberjaya, all thanks to the kind cooperation of Cybersecurity Malaysia. We are grateful for their trust and commitment towards us as this third-party validation proves that private companies and public agencies can team-up to better protect users from cybercrime,”commented Stephan Neumeier, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Transparency Centre

A render of what the Kaspersky Transparency Centre will look like

Dato’ Ts. Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia said, ”As the threat landscape continues to evolve in Malaysia and in the region, we believe that it is crucial for private companies such as Kaspersky and government agencies to build trust and mutual cooperation. Kaspersky’s willingness to open their doors and data processes further shows that they have nothing to hide. As a third-party entity, we also share their insights and concerns to make the cybersecurity industry better. We really hope that our partnership will be an example for more governments and private entities in exercising fairness and transparency for the benefit of our citizens and the cybersecurity industry.

For the uninitiated, CyberSecurity Malaysia is the national cybersecurity specialist agency under the purview of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) that is committed to offering programmes, initiatives and services to increase Malaysia’s self-reliance in cyberspace and to reduce the nation’s vulnerability of digital systems. CyberSecurity Malaysia is acting as a facilitator for Kaspersky to collaborate with Malaysia’s digital ecosystem from both the public and private sector alike.

For more details on CyberSecurity Malaysia, swing by their official page at For more on Kaspersky swing by their official page at

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