Iverson Associates now offers one the world’s hottest courses in Malaysia

Iverson Associates now offers one the world’s hottest courses in Malaysia

The usual trifecta of desirable academic programmes – medicine, computer science and law – are what many students aspire to when signing up for a course but students in Malaysia can now undertake something else that’s beeing touted as one of the hottest courses of the 21st century: data science.

Dr. Dzaharudin Mansor, national Technology Officer (NTO), Microsoft Malaysia sharing more about the importance of data sciences in Malaysia

For the uninitiated, it’s essentially the knowledge and means to manipulate large sets of data to get information and while it has been around for two or so decades as a science and a vocation, the esoteric dark arts of data science have only recently gained prominence on account of the massive amount of data floating around. A data scientist is able to dive into massive databases and derive meaningful, actionable data that can be applied towards business or scientific endeavours like why beer actually sells better in supermarkets in the States when placed to diapers. It’s not a tangible connection but to a data scientist it’s something that’s as clear as day to a data scientist.

There are a dearth of locations that actually teach it but students can now add Malaysia to the list of countries that actually offer it. Today, Malaysian IT training provider Iverson Associates has just added the Microsoft Professional Programme on Data Science to their list of available courses. This means that Malaysia is now the first country in the Asia Pacific region to commercially announce the availability of the programme that consists of nine courses taught via online e-learning classes, allowing it to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Aspects of the course cover machine learning, exploring data with code, architecting, delivering relational data warehouses, analysing Big Data and visualising data. Depending on a student’s experience, each course can be completed within 5-6 weeks and is offered for free though students can pay USD99 if they need a certifcate of completion. For more details swing by https://training.iverson.com.my.

From left: Dr. Dzarudin Mansor and Dr. Yap Chee Sing, Managing Director, Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd.


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