Mention AI to the average guy on the street and they’ll conjure images of James Cameron’s Skynet AI and how it brings about a nuclear apocalypse. Fortunately, that’s just highly popular fiction and AI as we know it in the real world fulfills a highly important function. While AI, or rather augmented intelligence does not have a sassy personality like Cortana from the Halo series, they nevertheless have the ability to sort through reams of data and derive meaningful conclusions from them, making them invaluable for diverse fields ranging from healthcare to enterprise.

IBM Malaysia recently held the Watson Malaysia Summit 2017 where they showcased their eponymous Watson AI as well as its diverse suite of services  that is in use across 20 different industries and over 45 different countries. Over 300 invited guests from banking, financial services, manufacturing, government and healthcare industries in Malaysia were invited to see how Watson and its cognitive capabilities were able to enhance their respective industries. The summit is timely with the trend towards mobility and the advance towards the Internet of Things  – according to research outfit IDC, 75% of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis by 2018.

The summit also showcased live interactive examples by companies that already use Watson such as Silverlake Axis, Sunlife-I, MDT Innovations and Skymics. For more on IBM and Watson swing by


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