The Huawei nova 7 SE is one of their newest midrange phones that packs a solid range of hardware that makes it an affordable workhorse with liberal lashings of premium design. It also costs a rather premium RM1,499 but you’re able to get it for an absolutely bonkers RM1 in a special Maxis deal.

huawei nova 7 se deal

The special Maxis deals from Maxis allows you to purchase the nova 7 SE in either Crush Green or Space Silver for just RM1 via their Zerolution plan which bundled in a Maxis Postpaid plan from RM48 a month. The deals also have the nova 7 available to own for just RM39 a month when tied up with the Maxis Zerolution 128, 158 and 188 plans from RM39.

huawei nova 7 se academy

One of the key benefits to Huawei’s range of phones is that ownership gains you access to their new Huawei Video feature where you can get educational videos feature 22 renowned experts across 15 topics to expand your skills and experience. Among these experts are Olympic silver specialist Goh Liu Ying, Peter Hugh Davis, MMA sportsman, football commentator Syed Adney and more. You can check out the nova 7 SE Maxis promotion here and the nova 7 Maxis promotion here. In the meantime, you can check our review of the nova 7 SE and the nova 7.

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