Here’s why the stylish Huawei nova 5T redefines value at RM1,599 and how to get the special preorder deal…

Here’s why the stylish Huawei nova 5T redefines value at RM1,599 and how to get the special preorder deal…

Flagship class performance at RM1,599 with the Huawei nova 5T that integrates 5 AI cameras and the powerful Kirin 980 processor. Discover more about the special preorder tomorrow that bundles free gifts worth RM325 and more…


In this day and age, the make and model of a smartphone often defines a person as much as the wristwatch they wear or the car they drive. In the case of Huawei’s newly launched nova 5T, it is as much a fashion statement as a new measure for performance and value in a smartphone. 

For just RM1,599, you’re getting flagship class performance that outclasses many phones in its price range and which can give Huawei’s most powerful phones a run for their money.

huawei nova 5t preorder

The new Huawei nova 5T combines a slew of powerful features from within and without such as their potent Kirin 980 octacore processor, a whopping 5 AI-enhanced cameras, a generous 128GB of storage and a massive 3,750mAh battery that offers all-day performance, among other salient benefits. 

That’s not all though as the nova 5T isn’t just about its powerful hardware alone as its true appeal lies in the sum of its parts that are melded into one exquisitely finished chassis that is available in your choice of Midsummer Purple, Crush Blue and Black. All this is just glossing the surface of why the nova 5T may be Huawei’s best smartphone yet. Here’s why the nova 5T ought to be your next phone and how to preorder it with a whopping RM325 worth of free gifts thrown in for good measure!…

huawei nova 5t preorder colour assortment

Potent class-defining performance with the Huawei nova 5T – Kirin 980 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, 6.26-inch FHD+ Fullview display and 3,750mAh battery 

While the saying that you get what you pay for generally holds true, the Huawei nova 5T upends that statement entirely as it comes with class-defining specifications that can go toe to toe with flagship class phones that are priced significantly higher than it without any compromise in its capabilities.

The Huawei nova 5T is built around the powerful Kirin 980 octacore processor that is the world’s first 7nm Mobile AI chipset. This power-packed processor is the very same one seen powering the likes of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro which in turn confers many of the key performance benefits of these powerhouses to the nova 5T.

Huawei nova 5T preorder Kirin 980 SOC

The Kirin 980 processor not only blends exceptional power and performance but where it tops the competition is the integration of a potent dual Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that enables it to tackle a multitude of important tasks in the background with A.I to intelligently enhance image quality, to improve and optimise phone performance and for more efficient battery usage. This is paired with a generous 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage to offer speedy performance to handle apps, games and more. 

It’s not just pure hardware that makes the nova 5T so desirable.The phone runs the latest Android 9.0 Pie operating system and is also powered by Huawei’s latest EMUI 9.1 user interface that packs a veritable shopping list of enhancements and quality of life improvements that make using the nova 5T a smooth and intuitive affair. Among the new features include incoming caller video so you’re able to view who’s calling you with a short video clip rather than just a generic name on your screen.

Huawei nova 5T preorder EMUI 9.1
Another key feature that gamers would appreciate is GPU Turbo 3.0 mode which turbocharges your gaming experience by ensuring consistently high frame rates at high settings without any lag or dropped frames when playing selected games. Better yet, EMUI 9.1 is also able to handle the bane of gamers in a high-intensity Mobile Legends or PUBG match – incoming calls! You’re able to take a call even when you’re in the game without having to tab out or lose your connection to the match. 

Games and movies are a real treat too as the Huawei nova 5T has a huge 6.26-inch FHD+ resolution Fullview display, offering a massive amount of screen real estate that ensures you get a view to thrill.

Huawei nova 5T front

All that power means jack if a phone lacks the endurance to power it at maximum performance through the day. Fortunately, the nova 5T integrate a generously sized 3,750mAh battery that ensures all day endurance even with intensive tasks. Where it excels though is that it has 22.5W SuperCharge tech that lets you get back up and at it with a 50% charge in just 30 minutes

All these high-powered features – the powerful Kirin 980 processor paired with generous amounts of storage and RAM, the intuitively smooth EMUI 9.1, GPU Turbo and the huge battery – make the nova 5T a powerful performer in every way. The fact that all this retails at just RM1,599 makes it a truly tempting proposition indeed.

Powerful 5 AI enhanced cameras to tackle shooting scenarios from low light to close-ups and AI HDR+ selfies too on the Huawei nova 5T

The cornerstone and often the key defining trait of a smartphone is the quality of its front and rear cameras. While many phones make concessions due to cost or the need to keep the chassis slim, the Huawei nova 5T manages to integrate not three, not four but five AI-enhanced cameras into its 7.9mm thin chassis.

The provision of the Kirin 980 and its dual NPU enable the nova 5T to tackle and deliver enhanced image quality in photography scenarios that would traditionally have required dedicated cameras.

Huawei nova 5T camera modes

The powerful Kirin 980 processor with its integrated dual NPU powers the Huawei nova 5T’s AI-enhanced cameras, allowing the phone to intelligently select the best settings for great shots every time.

The front 32-MP F/2.0 selfie camera enables users to capture beautifully lit portraits but the addition of AI enables the nova 5T to perform a unique trick that would traditionally have required a studio setup – 3D portrait lighting – where you can dynamically adjust selfies to have different lighting setups that can turn selfies into artistically pleasing masterpieces.

Huawei nova 5T frontOn the rear of the nova 5T is a quad AI camera array that consists of a primary 48-MP F/1.8 main camera with Huawei’s own 4-in-1 Light Fusion tech for better image quality, a secondary 16-MP 117-degree wide angle camera, a 2-MP F/2.4 camera with a bokeh lens and a 2-MP F/2.4 camera with a macro lens.

Huawei nova 5T

The nova 5T was first glimpsed at KL Fashion Week 2019 and revealed its 5-AI enhanced cameras to the world for the first time

This makes the Huawei nova 5T an immensely capable snapper indeed with the ability to capture high quality shots up-close, under low light and also scenic wide vistas. The built-in AI enables the nova 5T to select the best settings for optimum results to ensure shareworthy, pro-looking shots.

Sensuously Mirrored Finish in 3 Stylish Colours for the Huawei nova 5T

There isn’t much point to having tons of pixel crunching power and awesome cameras if your phone is built like a brick. Fortunately, the Huawei nova 5T is up to snuff with a premium gradient colour finish that comes in your choice of Midsummer Purple, Crush Blue and Black around a chassis that is just 7.9mm thin.

Huawei nova 5T colour assortment

To ensure a seamlessly slick design, the nova 5T has breathtakingly slim bezels along with a tiny punch-hole for the 32-MP selfie camera to ensure that the front consists almost entirely of a luscious touchscreen. In order to minimise greasy fingerprints from besmirching the display, they’ve even gone one better with a side-mounted fingerprint reader that also doubles as a power button. Brilliant, really.

What is even more brilliant is that Huawei is shoe-horning a ton of free goodies when you  preorder the nova 5T. There’s even a way to trade in your old phone to get rebates when buying a new Huawei nova 5T!

Huawei Nova 5T Preorder Goodies and Level-Up Trade-In Programme

Starting from 29 August until 5 September 2019, you can preorder the Huawei nova 5T and get an amazingly tempting bundle of free gifts that consist of two very useful items:

2 x Huawei mini speaker worth a total of RM198

1 x Huawei SuperCharge in-car charger worth RM127 


Better yet, anyone who preorders or purchases the nova 5T between 29 August all the way to 30 September 2019 gets a free one year extended warranty for peace of mind.

Huawei Nova 5T preorder details

Just to sweeten the pot, owning the Huawei nova 5T also nets you a ton of privileges ranging from freebies to discounts from Huawei’s vast network of participating partners and merchants via the bundled Huawei Member Center App. As they say, membership hath its privileges.

Even better, you can trade in your old Huawei phone to directly get rebates off the price of a new Huawei nova 5T in their Level-Up trade-in programme from September 7 onwards at participating Huawei stores nationwide. For more details on the Huawei Level-Up programme, swing by their official link here

If you’re especially keen to check out the Nova 5T up close, you can swing by the following locations to check out the phone on the following dates:

Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya: Aug 30 – Sept 2, 2019
Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru: Aug 29 – Sept 2, 2019
Imago, Kota Kinabalu: Aug 29 – Sept 1, 2019
The Spring, Kuching: Aug 29 – Sept 1, 2019
KB Mall, Kota Bharu: Aug 29 – Aug 31, 2019
Sunway Carnival Mall, Perai: Sept 3 – Sept 5, 2019

To preorder your posh new nova 5T with the tempting preorder gift bundle, you can swing by the following preorder link for the nova 5T here:

Huawei nova 5T preorder model

With that 32-MP AI selfie camera up front, every side is your best side with the Huawei nova 5T

And another thing – Huawei Mediapad M5 lite preorders with free gifts too

If you’re looking for something with a much larger display to enjoy all your movies, music and games, you’ll appreciate the other interesting offering that Huawei launched at the same time as the nova 5T – their MediaPad M5 Lite tablet.

The MediaPad M5 Lite is ideally equipped for media consumption as it has a large 10.1-inch Full HD display paired with a four speakers tuned by Harman Kardon spaced around the chassis to offer immersive 3D virtual surround sound. Throw in a huge 7,500mAh battery with Huawei’s nippy QuickCharge tech for fast charging in the field and you have the perfect means to Netflix and chill on the go.
Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite

In Malaysia, the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite retails for RM1,299 and is also up for preorders that come with a set of free gifts worth RM268  in the form of an M Pen Lite stylus and one Huawei mini speaker to round out your portable entertainment experience.

For more details on the new Huawei nova 5T and the new MediaPad M5 Lite tablet, swing by their official page at

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