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Renowned for their popular smartphones like the P40 Pro and their MatePad Pro tablet, the new HUAWEI MateStation S PC that has just been launched in Malaysia is a value-packed solution that can supercharge the way you work.

A complete desktop PC system in itself that can work straight out of the box, Huawei’s latest offering includes the Windows 10-powered MateStation S PC itself along with the 23.8-inch FullView display and the HUAWEI Wired Keyboard with Fingerprint reader. 

In addition to a solid set of specifications that enable it to tackle daily computing tasks, the HUAWEI MateStation S offers a unique and innovative suite of features that make it greater than the sum of its parts.

Combined together, the HUAWEI MateStation S is a unique desktop PC that offers seamless, faster and better productivity in almost every way. Here’s 7 awesome ways how the HUAWEI MateStation S PC can truly supercharge the way you work. Meanwhile, the HUAWEI AX3 Dual Core with WiFi-6 & WiFi mesh enabled is also coming soon at a price of just RM199


#1  HUAWEI Wired Keyboard with Fingerprint reader – Smart & Just Your Type

One of the keys, quite literally, to better productivity is to have a good keyboard and the HUAWEI MateStation S comes bundled with the unique HUAWEI Wired Keyboard that has been designed with a host of innovative features to get you really keyed up.

In order to ensure superior security, the keyboard also hosts a fingerprint power button that doubles as a fingerprint reader. This lets you turn the MateStation S on while also authenticating your identity and unlocking it with a single press of a button.

 Huawei MateStation S keyboard

Not only that, the HUAWEI Wired Keyboard has ultra comfortable scissor-switches for each key with 2.5mm key travel with each key measuring a precise 16.05 by 6.05mm to make touch typing a comfortable, precise and swift experience.

#2 Seamless and smart experiences with HUAWEI Share

Smartphones have become an increasingly essential part of our lives as we rely on them to interact with the world around us whether it’s to pay our bills, communicate with friends and family, take pictures and videos to share and more. 

Transferring content and interacting with your phone such as taking a call or to use social media typically requires you to divert your attention from what you’re doing, something that may be a challenge when you’re concentrating on work which is why the MateStation S offers Huawei Share.

 Huawei MateStation S multi screen collaboration

WIth HUAWEI Share, users can pair up a compatible Huawei smartphone with the MateStation S, allowing users to share files between phone and PC with a simple drag-and-drop. With a simple tap, users can copy, edit and share content whether it’s work documents, images, text and more between your phone and MateStation S at will. 

HUAWEI Share also has powerful multitasking capabilities as it enables you to open up to three mobile app windows powered off your paired Huawei phone on your desktop display, allowing you to handle apps off your phone and full sized applications from the MateStation S in one easy to view desktop space. 


#3 HUAWEI MateStation S – Compact Form Factor with Elegant Design

Desktop PCs are typically huge and bulky, taking up a good chunk of valuable space be it on or under a desk while also being on the heavy side. 

Fortunately, the HUAWEI MateStation S addresses all these concerns as it’s one third the size of a regular PC desktop tower case, measuring just 9cm wide and just 29cm tall which is about the size of your average coffee table book while having a cubic total volume of only 8.6 liters.
Huawei MateStation S smart pairing

These compact dimensions enable the MateStation S to fit almost anywhere you have space for it in order to offer high performance in a super compact form factor.


#4 Captivatingly large and breathtakingly beautiful FullView display. 

One of the key aspects of getting more done on any computing device be it a phone, tablet or laptop is having a larger, brighter display but even the largest laptops currently available max out in size with a 17-inch display. The HUAWEI FullView display that comes with the MateStation S tops that by a significant margin.

Offered as a companion to the MateStation S, the accompanying Huawei FullView monitor has a  23.8-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1080) pixel resolution panel and three exceptionally slim bezels that allow the FullView display to have a massive 90% screen-to-body ratio.

 Huawei MateStation S Fullview display

The FullView display paired with the MateStation S also offers a unique Eye Comfort mode certified by the renowned TÜV Rheinland that  is both flicker-free and which is proven to reduce blue light emissions, both of which are known to induce eye fatigue.


#5 Whisper quiet cooling performance

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to good performance on any computing device is how well it manages heat. If a processor runs too hot be it through heavy work or any number of other factors, it then has to slow down to reduce heat and avoid damage.. 

The HUAWEI MateStation S comes with a specially designed cooling system unique to its compact form factor. By creating special air-flow channels, a high-density heatsink and vertically aligned blades that shunt heat from the processor, the MateStation is capable of efficient and sustained high performance.

 Huawei MateStation S cooling

Better yet, the cooling system is whisper quiet and generates just 22dB of noise under normal conditions, maxing out to 28dB under heavy loads. As a measure of comparison, the sound of rustling leaves is just 20dB while a quiet library is 40dB.


#6 Latest 2 x 2 MIMO WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and more

The HUAWEI MateStation S is generously equipped with wired and wireless connectivity options that enable it to become the centrepiece of your work experience whether it’s at home or at the office. 

Not only is it equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and fast 2 x 2 MIMO WiFi that ensures efficient and swift data transfer rates, the MateStation S also has a host of ergonomically placed ports on both the front and rear of the case.

 Huawei MateStation S connectivity wifi bluetooth

The front hosts a strategically placed USB-C.port with 18W fast charging so that you can charge your phone while you work, a 3.5mm audio jack for wired headphones and a USB-A port for flash drives and other gear.

The rear of the MateStation S case integrates a full suite of ports that include HDMI, VGA, an RJ45 Ethernet port and more so that you have the right connections within easy reach.

#7 Power Performance with AMD Ryzen processors

The HUAWEI MateStation S comes with a proven and powerful set of specifications that enable it to tackle almost any conceivable work related task short of highly specialised roles like video editing or 3D rendering.

You get Windows 10 Home running on a proven and powerful AMD Ryzen 5 4600G hexa-core processor built on a 7nm process paired with integrated Radeon graphics.

 Huawei MateStation S AMD processor

To offer the best computing experience, the HUAWEI MateStation S also integrates dual-channel DDR4 RAM and an SSD. To offer added versatility, it also has two additional M.2 2280 slots in addition to 16-lane and single-lane PCIe slots, allowing you to upgrade it on your own later on as your needs grow. 

Where to Buy the HUAWEI MateStation S?

The HUAWEI MateStation S is now available nationwide in Malaysia and online at the Huawei Store online priced at RM2,488 for just the MateStation S desktop itself. This option is ideal if you already have an existing display and other peripherals. 

Alternatively, you can purchase the complete package at RM2,999 that includes the 23.8-inch FullView display and the HUAWEI Wired Keyboard with Fingerprint. There are also a host of free gifts worth up to RM855* upon purchase. To explore and purchase the HUAWEI MateStation S, visit their official online store here.

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