Huawei hosts NEXT-Image Masterclass on mobile photography with SmashpOp

Huawei hosts NEXT-Image Masterclass on mobile photography with SmashpOp

Smartphones in this day and age have melded together a number of functions that at the turn of the century would have required half a dozen different devices though smartphones these days are increasingly sought after for one particular feature – as a camera. Huawei’s P30 series phones have gained ground of late as slick and powerful camera phones that have even been lauded by DxOMark for their excellent image quality. In keeping with that, Huawei has been sharing how to make the most of their P30 series camphones in a range of NEXT-Image Masterclasses featuring notable photographers with the most recent being digital content creator Jason Goh, who is better known as SmashpOp.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Jason shared his insights, tips and tricks on mobile photography and especially how to make the most out of the power that the P30 Pro and its 40-MP triple camera array can offer with invited guests and other participants in an intimate workshop that also saw ardent fans who used the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro partaking and learning more from the man himself.

Huawei NEXT-Image class

The digital content creator shared how having the powerful 50x zoom on the P30 Pro enables more creative options, showcased important basics like the Rule of Thirds and how to implement it in smartphone photography. He also shared tips on how to take better portraits, better ultra wide angle photos and more by tilting and changing angles and perspectives to create a more interesting composition.

NEXT-Image Huawei Masterclass
After the short exposition, he then engaged invited guests in a photo walk to demonstrate what they had learned while offering tips afterwards especially on how to use a variety of apps such as Snapseed and VSCO to adjust and create better looking shots afterwards.

Stay tuned for upcoming NEXT-Image Masterclass workshops that will feature a selection of Malaysia’s finest photographers and how to make the most of Huawei’s powerful range of camphones. For more details follow Huawei’s official Facebook page at


P30 Pro test image

Image SmashpOp

Huawei NEXT-Image Masterclass P30

Image SmashpOp

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