Huawei FreeLace wireless earbuds look slick and charge even faster

Huawei FreeLace wireless earbuds look slick and charge even faster

The Huawei FreeLace wireless earbuds that were unveiled at the launch of the P30 series in Paris have now officially made their debut in Malaysia with a price tag of RM369 while offering a fast and robust charging mechanism and good looks in the bargain.

The Huawei FreeLace is essentially a pair of necklace style wireless earbuds which have a pair of 9.2mm dynamic drivers to deliver great sound and rocking bass while a dual-cavity design microphone helps to cut down wind-noise when you’re making and taking calls.

Huawei FreeLace charging

To keep them light and comfortable to wear, Huawei has opted for a flexible and light memory metal neckpiece sheathed in silicone. In order to charge the headphones all you have to do is yank the right earbud and cable to reveal a USB Type C for fast and easy charging via any conventional charger.

As par for the course, the Huawei FreeLace pairs up effortlessly with any Huawei kit running EMUI 9.1 via Bluetooth. If you put both earbuds together, the FreeLace goes into sleep mode to save on battery life which is quite a nifty feature indeed.

Huawei Freelace

The Huawei FreeLance is available in Malaysia starting from 12 July 2019 in your choice of either Graphite Black or Amber Sunrise at all Huawei Brand stores and online at the Huawei Online Official Store for RM369 For more details swing by and


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