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Time flies and it’s been barely a tick on the proverbial clock but Huawei’s own AppGallery app store is now celebrating its third festival with rewards, prizes and more in their Huawei AppGallery Festival 3.0 bash.

The Huawei AppGallery Festival will take place from 21st to 10th January 2021 and doing simple things on the AppGallery gets you in the running for freebies, discounts and more. By downloading selected apps and making in-app purchases, you’ll get points with a whopping 50 points with every in-app purchase. 

Once you rack up enough points you use them to redeem Huawei coupons, offset other in-app purchases and even physical prizes like the MatePad tablet too. Huawei will also release coupons on Christmas day, 25th December and New Year’s Day, 1st January to celebrate things in style.

That’s not all, Huawei is also giving away free passes on their own Huawei Video+ and MangoTV streaming services if you watch selected content on their Huawei Video app. Basically, you watch stuff and get to watch even more stuff for free.

Huawei will also be throwing in a special RM0.90 bundle deal where you get a free month of Huawei Video+, a free month of MangoTV, 3 months of streaming on dimsum entertainment and 5 movie passes. That’s a ton of entertainment for the cost of a lollipop. There’s is also an RM25 promotion pack that gets you 3 month of Huawei Video+ and MangoTV along with the same 5 movie passes and 3 months of dimsum streaming.

RM0.90 Bundle Deal  RM25 Year End Promotion Pack 
  • 1 month HUAWEI Video+
  • 1 month MangoTV
  • 3 months dimsum entertainment
  • 5 movie passes
  • 3 months HUAWEI Video+
  • 3 months MangoTV
  • 3 months dimsum entertainment
  • 5 movie passes 


Huawei AppGallery Festival 3.0 banner hunt

Huawei is also offering a rather unique treasure hunt of sorts where you have to find their Huawei AppGallery Festival 3.0 banners on their website. The fastest user who finds the most banners wins a Huawei Band 4 smartband. Here’s the fine print: 

Steps to Join:

  1. Enable the newsfeed feature on HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY 
  2. Swipe right on the HUAWEI smartphone’s home screen to enter HUAWEI Assistant · TODAY Newsfeed
  3. Find and screenshot different versions of AppGallery Festival 3.0 banners found on the Newsfeed main page
  4. Users to upload and share the screenshots on their Facebook timeline from 21 Dec 2020 to 10 Jan 2021. Set the post to “public” and include the hashtag “#AppGalleryFestival3MY” 

The winner will be announced on HUAWEI Mobile Services Facebook Fanpage ( on 18 January 2021.

For more details on the Huawei AppGallery Festival 3.0 and how to earn all these free goodies, check out their official page at

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