THE HTC UA Healthbox has everything you need to track your health

If you have a resolution to get fitter but need a more, how shall we say, a more comprehensive means of keeping track of whether you’re winning or losing the battle of the bulge, you’ll likely want to give HTC’s new UA Healthbox system a look.

Red Armour (Custom)

Made in collaboration with garment and fitness brand Under Armour, the UA Healthbox system consists of a smartband called the UA Band, a chest-worn heart rate monitor and a smart weighing scale called the UA Scale, all of which are tied in with an app dubbed Under Armour Record which is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.

The app itself measures fitness and is able to track a number of different workouts, your quality of sleep, activity and calories consumed. The app also has a social community of sorts oriented towards fitness where you can see, like and challenge mates to fitness goals.

The UA band is made of a soft rubber with a textured underside to allow for moisture to wick off when you’re working out and is made for all-day wear. It tracks your activity, workouts and sleep and, when paired with the UA Heart Rate tracker helps indicate your heart rate.

Health Box - UA - Renders

The Under Armour Band

The UA Heart Rate tracker helps to track the number of calories burned in addition to your heart rate.

Health Box - UA - Renders

The UA Heart Band

The UA Scale is covered in glass, is Wi-Fi connected and is able to track weight and body fat, displaying it on a light-up LED display when needed. The scale supports up to 8 users.

Health Box - UA - Renders

The Under Armour Scale

The whole package – the UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale – will cost US$400 and will be available this month in the US.