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As a brand, HONOR has had quite a journey from their modest beginnings as an offshoot from their erstwhile parent Huawei. Here’s how HONOR has grown in 2021.

Originally founded in 2013, HONOR today has diversified from purely offering affordable smartphones at the dawn of their inception to offering what both premium and budget offerings across their entire line-up. While they were originally founded in China, HONOR began expanding internationally in 2014 including Malaysia. 

HONOR has grown as a tech brand

Today, not only does HONOR manufacture smartphones, they now have a vast range of offerings that are a part of their 1+8+N ecosystem of devices that include wireless earbuds, their MagicBook laptops, smartwatches, TVs, routers and more, all of which work together in a harmonious whole.

In November 2020, HONOR has grown to become an independent brand and has become one of the most renowned start-up companies on the planet.

To date, HONOR has over 8,000 employees across the globe with an emphasis on innovation – over 50% of the HONOR team are R&D professionals split across four R&D centres and over 100 labs across the planet.

HONOR Image 1 labs

HONOR hasn’t rested on their laurels as they place an equal emphasis on customer service too with over 3,000 service centres and over 30,000 stores and counters across the world in more than 100 markets with new products on the way. The brand teases that more is to come in a recent release and to stay tuned to https://www.hihonor.com/my/ for updates.

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