The COVID-19 pandemic has brought some businesses to a standstill while adversely affecting others in terms of logistics, communications, operations and continuity. Honeywell, one of the Fortune 100 held a press conference to reaffirm their commitment to deploying innovative strategic solutions to support critical industries in the ASEAN region that will allow organisations to keep running and keep employees safe 

In a post-pandemic world, Honeywell believes that the importance  of digital transformation and cybersecurity is accelerating rapidly. To that end, Honeywell is working on a host of software solutions that leverage on their enterprise performance management platform Honeywell Forge that allows companies to transform real-time data into actionable insights for better decision making. This is on top of a host of other hardware and technological offerings across the range that leverage their extensive experience both in engineering, hardware and software.

ASEAN is an important market to Honeywell, and we are committed to help industry players to navigate  through this unprecedented crisis,” said Gilsdorf. “Armed with consumer insights that certain technology  will be key to address the immediate needs to support a safer return to work, travel, and life, Honeywell  has pivoted to provide technologies needed by the markets,” said Norm L. Gilsdorf, President of Honeywell ASEAN.


Norm L. Gilsdorf, President of Honeywell ASEAN

To date, Honeywell’s solutions are seeing deployment across a host of industries in ASEAN. In the airline industry, Honeywell is testing a special UV treatment system to rapidly and effectively clean airline cabins in just 10 minutes. The device is the size of a conventional beverage cart that is wheeling along the cabin and which emits UV light to disinfect the immediate area; a necessity in a post-pandemic world. There’s no deployment dates yet for this system but several major airlines are reported to be field testing it on their own fleets.

Another solution from Honeywell that is seeing deployment across the region is their Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity suite that includes their Experion Remote Operations package, allowing for robust cybersecurity and updates to enable safer and more secure work-from-home operations for geographically distributed employees. To date, Honeywell has also recently signed an MoU with Cybersecurity Malaysia to bolster protection in the country as well.

Yet another offering from Honeywell’s cornucopia of integrated solutions include their Thermorebellion temperature monitoring solution that offers non-invasive, preliminary screening of staff entering high-traffic areas like airports, hospitals and production plants. For more details on Honeywell visit their page at

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