Home run – here’s how Samsung’s 65-inch QLED 4K TV and HW-N950 soundbar can class up your home

Home run – here’s how Samsung’s 65-inch QLED 4K TV and HW-N950 soundbar can class up your home

Since their global unveiling and their Malaysia debut earlier this year, Samsung’s Q9F QLED 4K TVs remain the most powerful tellies that the brand has ever made with lush hues and crisp detail on top of a series of unique features that make it a seamless part of the decor rather than a yawning black void in your living room when you turn it off. Their HW-N950 soundbar which works equally well solo or in tandem with the Q9F series tellies takes advantage of their acquisition of Harman Kardon with wireless subwoofers and wireless rear channels and a whopping five front firing speakers in the soundbar itself ensure that it’s capable of rendering due justice to any movie or music.

In a special hands-on session, Vincent Lee, Head of AV for Samsung Malaysia showcased just how the Q9F QLED TV and HW-N950 soundbar had an edge over the competition in more ways than one as well as how they both worked together harmoniously to become the entertainment centerpiece of your home.

Redefining the Q Continuum with the 65-inch Q9F QLED TV


Measuring in at 65-inches, the 4K resolution Q9F QLED TV is built around four all-encompassing concepts – Q Picture, Q Style and Q Smart – features that we had the privilege to look in detail in a recent technical briefing in Vietnam earlier this year.

Q Picture, in regards to the Q9F series TVs refers to its exceptional imaging performance and ability to render crisp detail and 100% colour volume – essentially what you see onscreen is what the director intended for it to be along with the capability to support HDR10 and Samsung’s own HDR10+ content on top of their Full Array Elite backlighting that ensures beautifully deep blacks and brilliant whites. Of note on the Q9F series TVs is that it has 480 individual zones, each of which can be individually controlled to ensure that level of beautiful contrast and dynamic range.

The Samsung Q9F QLED TV compared to an earlier generation UHD TV panel to show the leaps and bounds made in image quality in QLED panels

In regards to Q Style, Samsung stressed the aesthetic design of the TVs that make them a seamless part of the decor. The new Q9F QLED TVs sport a slim, sleek and bezel-less design that ditches all the usual cables for audio, video and the like festooning a TV and integrates them all into a single cable, transparent One Connect cable that is nigh invisible. To keep the svelte dimensions of the QLED TV pristine, all the ports are routed to a One Connect box.


The Q9F TV is also able to display wallpaper onscreen that mimics your real walls without risk of burn-in in a new Ambient Mode, allowing it to act as a seamless part of the decor. To add to the illusion that it’s a picture frame, you can also mount it to your walls via a No-Gap wall mount which is also relatively easy to install.

In terms of the Q Smart aspect, the Q9F TVs emphasise connectivity and make sharing and accessing content a lot easier than ever before. They also act as a nexus and control to seamlessly interact with other connected devices like smart fridges and washing machines so you can keep an eye on everything without having to keep your eyes off the TV.

Of particular note is that the QLED TVs offer exceptionally longer lifespans as the panel is composed of inorganic material, ensuring a lifetime of service. It’s not exactly a cheap investment off the bat but it’s one that will last you a long time to come.

Sweet premium sound on Samsung’s HW-NN950 soundbar


The fruit of Samsung’s acquisition of Harman Kardon, the HW-N950 is the first of a new generation of soundbars that incorporate their extensive audio knowhow garnered from over half a century in the business.

The Samsung HW-N950 is a massive 7.1.4 wireless speaker with Dolby Atmos support, wireless subwoofers and wireless rear channels. It pairs up seamlessly with the Q9F series QLED TVs and works equally well alone as the centerpiece of your home audio system.


Setting it up takes a bit of effort to get it set up in your living room but it connecting it to audio sources is a doddle. On top of Dolby Atmos, it also supports DTS:X and MPEG-H for rich audio reproduction. The soundbar section of the HW-N950 is of note as it has up-firing speakers and side-firing speakers on top of five front-firing speakers as well to envelop viewers in lusciously vivid surround sound.

Music and tunes can also be played wirelessly off WiFi or Bluetooth from a phone or other connected device. Rather than having to keep a second set of controls, you can use Samsung’s One Remote, assuming you own a Q9F series TV to control the HW-N950’s audio playback, which helps quite a bit with the clutter. 

Audio quality for the HW-N950 in the time we had to test it was top-shelf, with vividly discernible directional audio when played with test footage and deep, rich bass on account of the dedicated subwoofer. This was most apparent in a few test rounds of mobile gaming via Fortnite and Planescape: Torment where the directional audio was of help and Planescape: Torment’s exquisite soundtrack was rendered due justice.

The proof is in the pudding and HW-N950 and the Samsung Q9F series TVs are available nationwide at all good retailers for you to take a gander at and experience up close. For more details swing by www.samsung.com.my

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