Hitachi launches their latest home appliances for 2018

Hitachi launches their latest home appliances for 2018

If a home is a man’s castle, Hitachi aims to turn it into a palace as their latest array of home living hardware would attest to. The new line-up of Hitachi home appliances covers the entire spectrum of hardware from fridges and washing machines all the way to seriously teched up rice cookers too. In a launch today in Kuala Lumpur, Hitachi showcased their entire line-up to invited guests. Here’s a few that struck our eye.

From left: Matthew Tham, Product Executive, Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Takahiro Ishii, Managing Director for Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

From left: Steven Lim, General Manager, Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Takahiro Ishii, Managing Director for Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Hitachi R-W720P7M GBK Big French Glass Series Refrigerator

The latest refresh of their slick looking Big French Glass series fridge for 2018 retains the same slick mirrored finish that gives the line its distinctive look while having a host of energy saving tech to keep your grub fresher while helping to save on your ‘leccy bill.

Aesthetics aside, the fridge stores about 540l worth of grub, has slick touchscreen controls that lets you manage its higher functions at the press of a button. The refreshed fridge now incorporates two fans to cool the freezer and chiller portion of the fridge along with two Eco Thermo sensors to independently and efficiently ensure each compartment is at the ideal temperature. The fridge also sports a new inverter compressor that allows for better cooling at a lower cost. This efficient setup also allows for it to keep its contents cool for up to 12 hours so you can still enjoy your Baskin Robbins in the event of a brown-out.

Other features include a ‘Fresh Select’ mode that consists of a special compartment that optimises the temperature to let you store either vegetables or dairy at optimum temperature independent of the rest of the fridge which is quite a feat. The fridge also sports a water dispenser that gives you delightfully refreshing cold water on tap . The Hitachi R-W720P7M GBK Big French Glass Series refrigerator retails for RM4,499 in a mirrored black finish  and is available now at all good retailers nationwide.

Hitachi SF-240XWV Ultra-Stream Wash Series Washing Machine

This top loader gets straight to business as it lets you wash up to 24KG of laundry in one sitting; that’s about a week’s worth which is quite a feat. The Ultra-Stream is sufficiently large enough that it lets you wash larger articles like curtains, bed sheets and the like. On top of being able to tackle chunkier and larger amounts of laundry, the washing machine also has a 3-Step Eco Sensor that analyses what you’ve thrown in and then optimise its settings for best effect to save on time, water and electricity. To avoid crud from collecting on the outer side of the washing bin, the SF-240XWV has an Auto Self Clean mode that helps to purge icky mold and bacteria by up to 99%. It’s effective to the point that it has been endorsed with the Allergy UK Seal of Approval for its efficacy. All this top-shelf tech for cleaning your duds costs you RM3,559 and it can be had in either a shade of Silver or Champagne.

Hitachi RAS-VX13CJ Air Conditioner

Hitachi’s latest 1.5hp 4-speed air conditioner is chock full of some seriously impressive hardware that puts it several steps ahead of the competition. For starters, it has a set of image and thermo cameras that they’ve dubbed as Scene Camera Twin that helps to intelligently optimise cooling and airflow when people are within range and to cool the hottest part of the room – the ceiling. This is due to the fact that all the ambient heat from Malaysia’s blazing hot sun transfers through the roof to the ceiling which remains hot for the better part of the day. For more efficient cooling, the air conditioner integrates Hitachi’s Vector DC Inverter that helps to offer consistent cooling performance even under unstable power conditions with the ability to cut energy consumption by up to 62% compared to non-inverter models.

The air conditioner also helps to handle the biggest pain point of owning an air conditioner – cleaning it. To that end, it has a new Frost Wash mode that freezes the heat exchanger and then melts the frost away afterward to wash away accumulated dust. As a preventative measure to prevent crud from building up, the water and air pathways are hewn from antibacterial stainless steel. The RAS-VX13CJ sets you back a cool RM3,499.


Hitachi CV-SE22V Multiple Nozzle Cyclone Series Vacuum Cleaner

Hitachi’s cyclonic type vacuum cleaner comes with a 2200W motor that generates an impressive amount of suction. Dust, dirt and crud is then efficiently compressed via a centrifugal separation system that lets you dispose of it without getting your hands dirty. Where Hitachi’s vacuum cleaner aims to trump the competition is that it comes with a variety of different nozzles optimised for traditionally challenging cleaning scenarios like crevices and rugs. The vacuum cleaner also has a set of Nano Titanium and HEPA H13 filters to offer a powerful deodorising and anti-bacterial effect when in use. The CE-SE22V retail for RM599.

Hitachi RZ-JHE18Y Ultimate Induction Heating with Inverter Rice Cooker

Hitachi’s jazzed up rice cooker lets you ditch the usual guesstimation when boiling rice as it is designed to deliver a perfectly fluffy batch of rice each and every time you put it to work. A selection of different Rice cooking modes allows to optimise results when cooking any of a host of different grains ranging from your ubiquitous white rice all the way to cookiing up the perfect bowl of gruel. For those keen on saving time, it also lets you steam and slow cook foods as well 15 possible recipes baked-in. The RZ-JHE-18Y retails for RM1,859 in Malaysia.

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