Here’s 5 reasons why you need the Galaxy Note9 on your next holiday escapade

Here’s 5 reasons why you need the Galaxy Note9 on your next holiday escapade

As fun as holidays ostensibly are, they introduce their own unique challenges that make it almost as stressful as a day job. While most of them can be mitigated by proper research and planning, sometimes, Murphy’s Law prevails and no matter how much you’ve prepped, something goes pear-shaped on your long-awaited holiday like your flight getting delayed, your phone running out of juice midway through a scenic tour or ending up with really dodgy pictures from your compact camera. On one occasion in our case, all three occurred at once on the same trip. Needless to say, it wasn’t a particularly joyous excursion to say the least.

But, as we say are wont to say here at Hitech Century, most problems can be solved with the proper application of tech. Interestingly, many of the qualities that make the Samsung Galaxy Note9 a superb business phone also make it an ideal holiday companion as well. Here’s five reasons why you definitely need to bring Samsung’s latest wunderkind out on your next holiday sojourn.

Snap all the holiday pictures and videos you want – the Galaxy Note9 has up to 1TB of storage

All those scenic shots of the places you visit on your holiday are all going to take up a lot of space on your phone. Add in all the obligatory snaps of family and friends, all the food shots of the great grub that you will encounter and you can potentially have quite a hefty storage footprint. And wait till you start adding in videos to the mix. Unless you’re in the habit of fastidiously transferring everything to a hard disk at the end of the day, you’ll likely run out of storage space in short order.

Fortunately, the Galaxy Note9 can potentially store a ton of content from the get-go. If you spring out for the top-of-the-line 8GB RAM/512GB variant which comes in Ocean Blue and Midnight Black and get a 512GB microSD card, you’re able to potentially store up to 1TB movies, videos and whatnot which can easily last you a good week-long sojourn or more of non-stop videos and snaps from dawn to dusk. All that extra storage also comes in handy for another reason too – entertainment!

Galaxy Note9 Gallery demo

Don’t like the in-flight movie or your flight got delayed (again)? The Galaxy Note9 has space for a ton of movies and a 6.4-inch WQHD+ display to play them on

Flight delays along with kitschy old reruns of 90’s comedies are part and parcel of the travel experience but that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and stoically take it twiddling your thumbs or having to grit your teeth and watch the umpteenth rerun of Friends all over again on the inflight movie channel.

That’s where the capacious storage on the Galaxy Note9 comes into play. If you’re fairly resourceful, you’re able to fill it up with a ton of movies that actually suit your tastes rather than being forced to channel surf. Even without the addition of a microSD card, the Galaxy Note9 128GB has the ability to store about 545 movies. The larger Galaxy Note9 512GB has the ability to store an even more impressive 2,315 movies, give or take a sci-fi trilogy or two.

Galaxy Note9 Gallery demo

With up to a potential 1TB of storage if you acquire the high end 512GB variant (combined with a 512GB microSD card), you’ll have more than more than enough movies to last through almost any trip, delays included.

Better yet, the Galaxy Note9’s luscious 6.4-inch WQHD+ Super AMOLED display is rated as one of the best mounted in a smartphone by DisplayMate, with luscious hues and plenty of detail which is also why it has also been acknowledged as a YouTube Signature Device too. The phone also has a pair of stereo speakers tuned by AK which soundly rounds out its movie watching credentials in a thorough fashion.

Pro Tip: Rather than having to precariously prop the Galaxy Note9 up at an angle or holding it in your hands, you can snag Samsung’s own official Clear View Standing Cover (RM225) that lets you comfortably watch it in a hands-free fashion


Save cash on calls and data when overseas on holiday – the Galaxy Note9 has a hybrid SIM card slot

If you’re a fairly seasoned traveller you’ll have come across woeful tales of jubilant holiday makers turning on their data overseas on holiday just to watch a quick YouTube video or mayhaps download an email or two and then returning to encounter phone bills with astronomical sums and multiple zeroes tacked on to it. Scary? Heck yes.

Fortunately there is a solution as the Galaxy Note9 has a hybrid SIM card slot that lets you use two SIM cards at the same time or one SIM card and a microSD card. Essentially, what you want to do is to to use a local SIM card to save on cash.

When you arrive at your holiday destination, you can buy a local tourist SIM card pack and plonk it in the SIM card slot for cheaper data and local phone calls while keeping the secondary to store a microSD card and all those memories that you’ll be making. All that potentially wasted money on overseas calls and data can now now go towards enjoying your holiday. Just in case, don’t forget to bring a SIM card pin but this is a fairly small item that can be stored in your wallet by the by.

It keeps going and going with a 4,000mAh battery

Perhaps one of the biggest things that travellers fret about is running out of juice on their phones at an inopportune moment and it’s a fair concern seeing as your average smartphone these days is a combination of video player, music entertainment device, camera, GPS, portable gaming rig, and especially in the case of the Galaxy Note9, a means to write important stuff down via the S Pen stylus.

Fortunately, the Galaxy Note9’s huge 4,000mAh battery, the largest yet seen on a Galaxy Note series phone, offers surprisingly exceptional endurance that can last, even with heavy use for a full day. Better yet, it also has fast charging too with the officially bundled cable and power plug offering the ability to  fully charge the phone from zero in about an hour and a half or so. That means more time taking pictures and having fun rather than playing ‘find the charging port’ through your holiday jaunt.

Great Dual Aperture Cameras

Much has been written about the Galaxy Note9’s rear dual camera array that combines a pair of 12-MP cameras, both of which have optical image stabilisation (OIS) along with their Dual Aperture tech and 2x optical zoom to create some exceptional snaps even under challengingly dim lighting conditions. This is on account of the aforementioned Dual Aperture tech which changes the aperture mechanically from f/1.5 to f/2.4 as needed depending on lighting conditions.

Better yet, you can use the integrated S Pen stylus as a remote control for both the front and rear cameras, allowing you to take some great snaps without having to rely on passerby. For more on what the S Pen can do, swing by here. For more on what makes the Galaxy Note9’s rear cameras so impressive, swing by here.

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