animal crossing gucci

Utter the very name Gucci and the first image that comes to mind is the distinctive logo and luxurious offerings of this fashion giant that is the very byword for style.

This time around, Gucci has gone beyond the halls of fashion into the virtual as they’ve now appeared in Animal Crossing, the hit game on the Nintendo Switch.

The new island is replete with Gucci and Gucci Guilty content inspired by the #ForeverGuilty campaign film and scent, with special areas and features that were created by members of the Animal Crossing player community  that include LexPlay, KangGaming and Canton.

animal crossing gucci

Invitation to this special Gucci island is by invite only via Dream Address with a live showcase on Twitch as well as virtual tours shared on YouTube.

Gucci Guilty Island in Animal Crossing

The special island has locations with an unmistakable Gucci twist such as a Paparazzi Zone for taking shots, an Orchard Zone to admire the component scents of Gucci Guilty – Mandarin, Lilac and Patchouli. 

There are also minigames that include musical chairs, a fashion show and an obstacle course as well as items that users can take away back to their own Animal Crossing islands like a perfume shelf, a tiger poster and a picnic blanket with GG iconography. You can catch the KangGaming tour below:

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