The glorious 98-inch Samsung QA900R QLED 8K TV can be yours for just RM299,999

The glorious 98-inch Samsung QA900R QLED 8K TV can be yours for just RM299,999

If size and image quality are priorities when picking your next telly, you’ll likely find that Samsung’s next-gen QA900R QLED series TVs comes out tops on your list as they come in absolutely massive sizes – the biggest model is a humongous 98-inches in size – with all of them capable of displaying gloriously crisp and lush 8K resolution footage onscreen.

On top of its more obvious salient benefits, namely its humongous 98-inch size, the largest QLED 8K TV in their line-up is four times sharper than mainstream 4K UHD and about 16 times sharper than conventional Full HD resolution to ensure absolutely brilliant imagery, deep clarity and scads of detail onscreen.

This is achieved on account of a host of technologies centered around what Samsung coins as a QLED Quantum Processor 8K that uses a powerful processor along with AI upscaling to upscale footage to near-8K resolution while also ensuring that screen brightness, colour and other critical details, including sound are up to snuff with what the QA900R QLED TV is capable of displaying.

The QA900R also has a nifty Intelligent Mode that dynamically adjusts brightness and volume based on the time of day. This time around, the TV is also able to adjust audio to fit what’s playing onscreen such as prioritising vocals in a concert and crisper dialogue on the evening news.

Performance aside, Samsung’s wordpress latest 98-inch QA900R 8K QLED TV behemoth has an almost bezel-less display and is almost flat with nary a port or a snake pit of cables save for one power cable that hooks up to an external box that has all the external connections you need.

Interestingly, the display has what they call a ‘Magic Screen’ mode that lets you use it like a picture frame of sorts by displaying images or even mimicking the wall behind it to make it truly seem like part of the decor. This feature debuted on last years QLED panels and it looks like it’ll become a standard feature in their QLED TVs from here on in. In Malaysia, the 98-inch QA900R 8K Smart QLED TV is available for RM299,999. You can also obtain the 8K QLED TV in a slightly smaller 82-inch size for RM99,999 and a 75-inch version for RM59,999.

To kick off the debut of the huge QA900R 8K Smart QLED TV series in Malaysia, Samsung is holding a roadshow at MidValley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur until the 12 of May. For the duration of the roadshow, customers can get a free Samsung N950 Soundbar worth RM3,999 rather than the full price of RM6,499 when buying any Samsung TV. Purchasing selected TVs in the QA60R 4K Smart QLED TV range at the roadshow can also get you free goodies such as a Galaxy S10e too. For more details, swing by the roadshow and check out their official website at


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