Gigabyte Pavilion at Computex Virtual 2021 cover

Tech purveyor Gigabyte showcased a host of their offerings across the range at Computex Virtual 2021 expo. Seeing the difficulty in travelling for the duration of the pandemic, the annual Computex expo this year is completely virtual which makes visiting the Gigabyte pavilion virtually and the host of other exhibitors at the show a pleasant affair that you can peruse at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.

Gigabyte Pavilion at Computex Virtual 2021
At the Gigabyte pavilion at Computex Virtual 2021, the brand showcased their latest offerings divided across 10 different sections based on an overarching theme of ‘Bring Smart To Life’.

While Gigabyte is best known for their gaming laptops in Malaysia, the brand actually has a significant presence in data center solutions with over two decades in the business.

To date, Gigabyte has offered  a line-up of both AMD and Intel servers to cater to almost all conceivable needs, with the Computex Virtual 2021 Expo seeing them launch four new ARM servers that take advantage of the 80-core (250W) Ampere Altra processors for better performance for HPC, cloud and edge workloads.

You can check out their keynote showcasing the new Ampere Altra servers here:

Gigabyte’s subsidiary, GIGAIPC also had a showcase at Computex Virtual 2021 where they showcased an array of industrial motherboards and embedded systems equipped with 11th Gen Intel Core processors.

Gigabyte Pavilion at Computex Virtual 2021 enterprise

The brand also showcased several solutions for smart cities like an AI Facial Recognition system, a Smart Fence Defender feature for security purposes and a Smart Fall Detection System to protect users in monitored areas if they encounter falls.

Of course, Gigabyte’s consumer laptops and offerings also took pride of place with the latest AORUS and AERO series laptops updated with 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H CPUs and a new AORUS 4K tactical gaming monitor capable of offering high-end 4K/120Hz visuals for e-sports grade gaming.

How to visit the Gigabyte Pavilion at Computex Virtual 2021

To visit the Gigabyte pavilion at the Computex Virtual 2021 Expo, swing by the link below. You’ll have to register first as a visitor of course but it isn’t an insurmountable task. The link is at

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