Get something extra special for mum with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Mother’s Day gift edition

Get something extra special for mum with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Mother’s Day gift edition

Mother’s Day is coming. Rather than gifting the usual passe assortment of flowers or a box of chocs, you can, mayhaps, you know, do something, different? Dyson manufactures a ton of top shelf kit ranging from the PureCool purifying fans to their top-shelf V10 Absolute Cordless vacuum but one of their hottest pieces of gear, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer this time around is getting a custom version just for Mother’s Day dubbed the Dyson Supersonic Mother’s Day Gift Edition.

What you get is Dyson’s eponymous Supersonic hair dryer with the bundle but the Mother’s Day Gift Edition adds in a Dyson-designed Detangling comb and Paddle brush for styling that’s worth RM299 with the kit for free.

The paddle isn’t just any comb though as it’s precisely weighted for balance like a finely made sword while the air-cushioned bristle bed has been specifically angled for maximum hair brushing efficiency.

The Dyson Detangling comb has undergone their same rigorous approach to engineering and has specifically designed wide, polished and rounded tips that glide through wet or dry hair like a greased arbiter of order with minimal friction.

When Dyson makes hardware, you know they don’t mess around with the engineering and design and these new bits of kit look like a perfect complement to the Supersonic.

The Supersonic hair dryer itself has a V9 engine that can spin 110,000rpm to deliver up to 41 litres of airflow to dry your hair in a jiffy while a built-in intelligent heat control system keeps the temperature within levels to prevent heat damage to your hair. That and the whole affair is wonderfully balanced to make it a delight to use.

The Dyson Supersonic Mother’s Day Gift Edition is available for RM1,699 at  as well as the Dyson Demo outlets at The Gardens Mall and Gurney Plaza as well as good retailers nationwide.

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