Gaze upon the sublime glory of the ROG Face Off Concept Design by ASUS and BMW

Gaze upon the sublime glory of the ROG Face Off Concept Design by ASUS and BMW

Gaming notebooks these days are expected to be gaudy, glitzy affairs more akin to a muscle car rather than a sleek avatar of elegance but Asus aims to take things up a notch as they have unveiled a concept gaming notebook design that’s so swanky that we’re gobsmacked dubbed the ROG Face Off.

The ROG Face Off is designed in collaboration with Designworks, a design outfit owned by BMW. Yes, ‘that’ BMW that makes cars. The exact specifications of the ROG Face Off haven’t been ironed out but what we have is a sleek silver gaming rig embellished with a set of ventilation grilles that also have customisable LED lighting in a manner akin to a sports car. It certainly looks rather outlandish but the large surface area does offer more cooling area on paper on top of having a very distinctive looking design.

ROF Face Off grilles
Seeing as it’s a gaming laptop, Asus naturally hasn’t neglected the bling and they’ve implemented a transparent ‘smokey x-ray’ panel that lets you see the underlying hardware and backlighting. Other more lofty concepts include the WASD and left side of the space bar being covered in a smooth metal skin to add extra tactility when gaming. Even the power switch has undergone Designworks redesign with a spring-loaded bolt-action-like mechanism to give a more visceral feel when you turn it on.

ROG Face Off keyboard

The concepts, the design and almost everything else about the ROG Face Off is purely conceptual at this point in time but the aesthetics and design language will likely be imbued in other ROG laptops later on down the line which is a rather exciting idea indeed.

ROG Face Off Engineer

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