Galaxy Watch3 Titanium can be yours for a mere RM2,499  1

Samsung’s smartwatches remain perennially popular on account of their performance and mainstream design but their newly introduced Galaxy Watch3 Titanium in Malaysia looks to take things up a notch as it boasts of even more premium construction that the standard models with a price to match.

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As you’d likely surmise from the name, the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium features titanium in its construction with the watch case made of the stuff. To wit, titanium is a metal that’s harder to fashion than steel though it is both lighter and three times stronger.

These qualities transferred to the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium mean that it’s just 42.9g in weight. For those who happen to have allergies when in contact with metals like nickel, the Watch3 Titanium is a godsend as titanium itself is hypoallergenic

Construction material aside, the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is functionally similar to a standard Galaxy Watch3 45mm. You can check out our review of the smaller variant of the Galaxy Watch3 that is functionally similar save for a slightly smaller display here. There aren’t any 41mm variants at present unless you opt for variants made of other materials. 

You get a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED Always On display sheathed in Gorilla Glass DX with 360 x 360 pixel resolution, a Exynos 9110 DUal Core 1.15GHz CPU running Tizen Wearable OS 5.5 under the hood and 1GB RAM with 8GB of internal storage. You also get a host of fitness and activity tracking functionality on top of the usual heart rate tracking. Local models will be WiFi only.

Fortunately, the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is also as durable as its other siblings and it retains the same MIL-STD-810G rating with IP68 water resistance and the ability to be used in up to 5ATM of water though it’s not very advisable to take it for a diving excursion.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titanium Price

In Malaysia, you can bask in the magnificence Galaxy Watch3 Titanium and have it grace your wrist for just RM2,499. That’s somewhat of a premium though compared to a standard Galaxy Watch3 as it only costs RM1,799.

For more details check it out on Samsung’s official page at

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