Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case

There’s a ton of casings available for Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 series but one particular one created in collaboration with Kvadrat ticks off all the check marks for eco friendliness. Meet the Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case.

Externally, the Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case upcycles plastic bottles that would have ended up in landfills but which have been repurposed to a whole new function. These bottles are melted down, remodelled into a polyester yarn and then reformed into casings. On average, each 500ml bottle can create 2 smartphone cases worth of yarn.

Externally, the Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case is made of fully upcycled plastic bottles with the inner protective layer using a minimum of 20% of post-consumer material sourced resin. The packaging itself has also been sourced from paper productions that are recyclable.

Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case price

On top of protecting your phone, the Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case also has a handy little accessory hook that lets you hang charms, extra bits and whatnot off your phone. In Malaysia, the Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case retails for RM149 and can be purchased on Samsung Malaysia’s official online store here in either a shade of Violet or Mint Gray.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Kvadrat case infographic

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