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Smartphones are ubiquitous these days and Malaysia has one of the highest adoption rates in the region for smartphone ownership. As the modern equivalent of mobile computers, smartphones are capable of doing more than just make calls, text and surf on social media.

Bearing in mind recent events like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had to radically adjust the way we work, live and play with most of us adjusting to a new routine of working from home. In that regard, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 series smartphones have a leg up over the competition as they feature some stunning features and unique applications that help you stay very productive, highly entertained and even get you off the couch and be active too. 

Fast and Stable Connectivity

Seeing the fact that we’re mostly stuck at home, data has become all the more crucial if not absolutely critical to getting our work done whether we’re studying or earning a paycheck. Needless to say, WiFi speeds at home may not necessarily be up to snuff like what we’re used to in uni or the office which is where the Galaxy S20 series comes into the picture as the whole range can double as a WiFi hotspot using your phone data with stable WiFi 6.

For the uninitiated, WiFi 6 is approximately 20% faster than previous generation WiFi networks which means more productivity and less frustration waiting for stuff to load. To make things even easier, the new S20 series sports an Intelligent WiFi functionality which automatically selects the best connectivity possible in any given situation whether it’s mobile data or WiFi.

Better yet, collaborating with colleagues and clients is a cinch with Google Duo and Zoom.

Galaxy S20 wifi 6

Keeping Fit with Samsung Health

Being a couch potato and gaining a few pounds is not only a risk but a serious possibility seeing as we mostly are stuck on an extended sabbatical but Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series phones sport their Samsung Health app that helps you to track the calories you’ve taken, how much sleep and the quality thereof as well as what exercise you’ve done over the course of the day. Handy that. Samsung Health is preinstalled by default and is free to use.

In the unlikely event that you’re stressed out, Samsung has also partnered with  the Calm app that helps you through to help you meditate and destress.

Galaxy S20 Health

Staying Entertained

There’s only so much of the scenery that you can enjoy outside your window and only so much TV you can watch at a stretch on the couch but the S20 series phones all have Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O displays that serve up impressive visuals onscreen.

That ought to make Netflix a treat and Samsung has thrown in  a free 4 months of YouTube Premium thrown in for good measure so that you can enjoy it everywhere. Yes, even in the shower because the S20 series have IP68 water resistance.

If you’re more aurally inclined, there’s Spotify and Samsung’s own Bixby virtual assistant works seamless with Bixby along with their Galaxy Buds+ that offer dedicated controls just for Spotify itself.

You can check out the Galaxy S20 Ultra review that we did awhile back here to find out what the best in the line can offer. If this floats your boat, Samsung offers free home delivery when you purchase their S20 series phones and get them sent right to your front door. Find out more about it in our feature here.

S20 Ultra Youtube Premium

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