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Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy Z foldable phones in the form of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G are making waves with sellout numbers across the globe in Korea, Singapore and Malaysia enjoying impressive sales numbers. 

Better yet, the new Galaxy Watch4 series will soon be purchasable nationwide on 22nd October to complement the new Galaxy Z foldables. Now that it has been in the wild for several days, Malaysians are coming to experience just what makes these phones so desirable. 

Samsung Galaxy of Possibilities (2)

Dr. Fazril Razif, a longtime Samsung Galaxy User with a Ph.D in Synthetic Biology and who is now a senior lecturer at a renowned public university in Malaysia, emphasises that practicality is key when deciding his new phone and smartwatch. To that end, he was so enamoured with the new Galaxy Z series that he bought both the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G as well as the new Galaxy Watch4 to unlock a Galaxy of Possibilities. 

How does the Samsung Galaxy Z series unlocks a Galaxy of Possibilities

“I’m not the most tech-savvy person, but I do love keeping up to date with the latest mobile releases, and honestly, they have come a long way. To me, Samsung has always been about practicality and innovation. They don’t hold back and continue to push the boundaries compared to other brands in the market.” He shared that the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G does wonders for his productivity.

I absolutely love the phone. The feel of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G in my palms is just indescribable. It feels like I’m holding the future. The chassis is sturdy and solid. I love the fact that I can have three apps open at the same time with the App Split View, and it proves to be handy when I need to edit my documents on the phone than having to turn on my laptop, thanks to its large 7.6–inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Getting most of my work done on the phone feels like a walk in the park,” said Dr. Fazril who waxed lyrical on the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G’s large 7.6-inch main display.

The seamless integration of the Galaxy Z series with Samsung’s other devices like the new Galaxy Buds2 wireless earbuds and the Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch makes each device greater than the sum of their parts and unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for Dr. Fazril.

Samsung Galaxy of Possibilities (2) cameras

He also shared more on his love for the photographic capabilities of the Galaxy Z series with the Fold3 5G’s powerful triple camera system and the compact size and versatile dual camera on the Flip3 5G allowing him to fully explore his creativity in new ways.

I make it a personal challenge to outdo the previous photos I’ve taken, and mobile photography is essential nowadays. So far, the Galaxy Z Series hit the mark,” said Dr. Fazril. He adds that both the Flip3 and Fold3 5G’s unique Flex mode helps him capture steady, crisp selfies without the need to tote around a tripod and that the various powerful photography settings such as the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s Quick Shot mode via the compact 1.9-inch Cover Screen help him capture some impressive shots.

Samsung Galaxy of Possibilities (2)

The Flex mode in the Galaxy Z series unlocks a true Galaxy of Possibilities in terms of creativity

Seeing how packed his days are, Dr. Fazril requires devices that can keep pace with his demanding schedule and the new Galaxy Z series all feature Armor Aluminium frames that are more durable than ever, tough Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and an impressive IPX8 water-resistance rating to shrug off rain and sweat. 

The Galaxy Z Series and the Galaxy Watch4 gives me everything I want and need every day in my daily drivers. The phones still fit comfortably in my pocket, and the Galaxy Watch4 looks beautiful, sleek, and classy on my wrist- it feels odd going through a day without them now. I look forward to everything that life has to offer now that I have the best Galaxy devices with me,” he smiles.

Beyond his role in academia, Dr. Fazril shares a passion for fitness and is also a part-time Les Mills BODYPUMP and PWRHOUSE spin instructor which makes the addition of the Galaxy Z series and the Galaxy Watch4  to his lifestyle a real life-changer.

Says Dr. Fazril, “The large display on Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is amazing because I can comfortably practice my workout routines at home via on-demand videos without having to squint my eyes trying to watch and follow the choreography.” 

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In the case of the Galaxy Watch4, he found that its ability to track Sleep Scores, Snoring Detection, and Blood Oxygen monitoring helped to make tracking his sleep quality a cinch while its ability to track his Body Composition, heart health and fitness goals during workouts was a real life-changer.


It’s a huge help when I need to instruct classes or go to the gym. I love tracking my workouts using the Galaxy Watch4, and I’m impressed by its array of features. Not only can it track my vitals across various exercises, but it can also provide me information on my heart health and Body Composition. It fits my active lifestyle perfectly,” he added. 

How do you join a Galaxy of Possibilities with the new Galaxy Z series, Galaxy Buds2 and Galaxy Watch4 series

If you’re keen to enter new Galaxy of Possibilities with the Galaxy Z series and its accompanying Galaxy Buds2 and Galaxy Watch4 smart wearables, you’re in luck.

From now until 31st October 2021, any purchase of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G in Malaysia gets you a free RM500 e-voucher and a one-year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM799. You can check out our Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review here.

Any purchase of a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in the same time period will get a free RM350 e-voucher and a one-year plan of Samsung Care+ worth RM699.

Even better, purchases of either Galaxy Z series smartphone can get you 30% off the recommended retail price of up to 3 selected accessories with your purchase. For those looking to get the Galaxy Watch4 series, it is now available from RM899.

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