Samsung is announcing the latest additions to their Galaxy A series phones, the Galaxy A51 and A71 in a rather unique fashion. They are, to date, the first phones in recent memory to actually have a special set of dance moves and even a song for them that Samsung has dubbed #danceawesome that are performed by none other than the eponymous BLACKPINK.



According to Samsung, the new Galaxy A series smartphones have all you need in a phone and across the course of the tutorial dance video, they’ve melded a terrifyingly catchy jingle created as a chorus to the tune of high octane dance moves that repeat the virtues of the new phones – ‘Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, Long-Lasting Battery Life’.

danceawesome intro

Fortunately the new dance moves are relatively simple enough that it can be done with some practice and Samsung is urging aspiring fans to share their moves on social media including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #Danceawesome ahead of the imminent launch of the new Galaxy A series phones. You can check out the tutorial video below.

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