The Definitive Free Game List for PCs and Android phones

The Definitive Free Game List for PCs and Android phones

So, you’re stuck facing the four walls of your home and you’re going nuts during the MCO? We got your back as we have a slew of curated free games for both the PC and your Android phone that are absolutely free to download and play.


Want free games? We got you sorted – here’s the definitive list!

We’ve gone through all of them, tossed out quite a few duds and have the calluses, busted keyboards (and phones) to show for it but what you get is some of the best free PC and Android phone games out there that money can’t (sorta) buy. Well, you can and get better bonuses too but you get the gist of it.

Ranging from old time classics that have become freeware to the latest games that are going temporarily for the low price of nought with all manner of genres, there’s likely something for everyone in our definitive Hitech Century free game list.

Each title has a shortcut link straight to the game downloader or the page where you can download it. For Android games you’ll have to sign in to the Google Play store while for others, you may need a Steam account, which is free to download to gain access to it. Still, to get something for nothing is still worth the trouble.

We’ll be updating this feature regularly with new free games as we come across them so bookmark this page and stay tuned for updates!

Free Game List For PC

StarCraft Classic

Genre: RTS

The grand old daddy of RTS games has finally become free to play. It has the original game with multiplayer built in and the Brood Wars expansion pack too but is limited to the old-gen textures rather than the remastered 4K version. Still, this version runs fantastically well on netbooks and legacy PCs too. It’s also available on a Mac here.

Free game Starcraft 1

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Genre: RTS
You get to play the entirety of the single player Terran campaign for free though the subsequent Protoss and Zerg campaigns require you to purchase them. Still, there’s already plenty on offer. You also get a smattering of multiplayer and a few free co-op commanders thrown in on the house.

Free game Starcraft 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone

Genre: Battle Royale

If you can say the title of the game in one breath you’re a badass. They’ve thrown in the best bit about the game – the Battle Royale survival mode which pits 150 angry blokes in a narrowing circle where only 1 team walks out alive for free. Expect chaos, mayhem and fun to ensue in this top-shelf FPS.

Free game modern warfare warzone

Team Fortress 2

Genre: FPS multiplayer

The multiplayer classic is a bit long in the tooth but it’s absolutely free. You have two opposing teams – Red and Blue – that…ah it’s all sanctimonious waffle really. All you have to be concerned about is killing the other team with a variety of classes. Still a classic.

team fortress 2 free game


Genre: Collectible card game
The free-to-play collectible card game is easy to learn, amusing to play and has quite deep mechanics though it’s something best kept casual as you have to fork out dosh…a lot of extra dosh if you want to get more randomly drawn card packs to augment your deck. Well worth a whirl or two.

free game hearthstone


Genre: Platformer

This platformer has you exploring a series of randomly generated caves to get as much loot as possible. It’s a variant of a roguelike and is as much an exercise of skill as it is patience.

spelunky free game

Dwarf Fortress

Genre: Roguelike

Incredibly deep, amazingly rewarding and also frustratingly random, Dwarf Dungeon is a roguelike that is epic in scope and detail as you have to manage a colony of dwarves in almost every way from what they mine, how they expand their empire and fending off all manner of hostile flora and fauna in a randomly generated world. Surprisingly, it’s still a free game and constantly updated too though ardent fans contribute generously to the creator.

free game dwarf fortress

Mechwarrior Online

Genre: Simulation
Giant stompy robot warrior sim where you strap up in a Battlemech and go shoot the heck out of other enemy mechs as a Mechwarrior for one of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, as a Mercenary or as one of the Invading Clans. Easy to get into but getting better and more powerful mechs, and the docking bays to store them in will need you to fork out extra cash.

free game mechwarrior online

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Genre: RPG
Set in a time way way before the events of the Clone Wars and a heck of a long time before Kylo Ren single handedly made a mess of things, this rich online free-to-play RPG is made by the maestros at Bioware so you’re sure of getting a deep, rich and memorable storyline. You play as a Light or Dark side character, get a posse of colourful sidekicks and then save the galaxy.

free game star wars the old republic

Apex Legends

Genre: Battle royale

Another battle royale game with a colour ensemble of characters and a vibrant art style, Apex Legends has a unique playstyle of its own with each playable character hosting special abilities that can change the field of battle. An effective team needs a combination of these skills to succeed which is where the appeal of the game lies as you team up with others to survive to the end of the match.

free game Apex Legends


Genre: MOBA

Tactically deep and also perennially popular among the younger set, Defender of the Ancients is a free game that has dozens of usable characters, items and tactics that you can pit in a  5 vs 5 to take out the other side’s headquarters. The challenge is doing so past entrenched defenses, enemy spawn and angry opposing team.

DOTA 2 free game


Genre Online Shooter

A constantly updated, deeply engrossing and mostly free game, Warframe has seen multiple free expansions and has almost 7 years of content to experience and plough through. In a far distant future, you play as one of the Tenno, an ancient warrior caste using advanced powered Warframes. It’s a mix of many genres, including an open world ARPG, a shooter and more with complex but extremely rewarding gameplay. Well worth a whirl.

war frame free game

EVE Online

Genre Space MMORPG

The titular sandbox online space sim has thousands of players all playing on a single server and has years of player-driven plots that are byzantine in scope with massive space battles that can involve hundreds if not thousands of capital ships in battle. There’s dozens of ships to acquire and upgrade including massive behemoths that cost thousands of dollars in real world cash. There’s a mostly free aspect to the game but if you want to get up to the beefy parts, you’ll have to earn enough in-game cash or pay a subscription fee but there’s still more than enough content for you to experience before you decide to go all in.


eve online free game


Genre Battle Royale

One of the most popular battle royale games of all time features much of the mechanics that the genre is known for but adding in the unique ability to construct fortifications and buildings on the go which up-ends the traditional gameplay mechanics. There’s regular updates, seasonal content aplenty and rewarding gameplay.

fortnite free game

Path of Exile

Genre Isometric hack-and-loot

If you’ve played Diablo before you’ll be intimately familiar with how the game mechanics work in this free take on the hack-and-loot genre. You generally sashimi your way through a horde of mooks, loot them for loot and giggles, pick out the best loot for yourself and then sell the rest to fund your personal xenocidal campaign. Rinse and repeat. It sounds simple on paper but remains very very engrossing. To play with and the regular updates and expansion packs help keep it fresh and entertaining even today.

path of exile free game


Free Game List For Android Phones

Hitman Sniper

Genre: Shooter

This game has you as the eponymous Agent 47 but rather than walking around as a one-man silent harbinger of doom, you’re instead issued a sniper rifle and then tasked with a variety of different tasks to accomplish on the map, all of which inevitably end in a bad guy getting a high caliber bullet in the noggin. There’s plenty of ways of getting about it though as you can trigger environmental hazards to create accidents with experimentation contributing to most of the hilarity onscreen.

Free game hitman sniper

Call of Duty Mobile

Genre: First person shooter

The eponymous pseudo-modern first person shooter has made it to the mobile. There’s no single player campaign but you get a rich, fully featured multiplayer mode, a battle royale mode and a zombie survival mode though the last one seems to be temporarily on hiatus. Most of the guns are free but the rarer and better character skins and guns need you to chunk out some cash. Still, it’s a very playable F2P.

call of duty mobile free game


Genre: Strategy

Insidiously engrossing tower defence meets gacha game, Arknights has you plonking inordinately attractive female special forces operators that you have to collect from random draws onto successively more challenging levels to stem hordes of incoming attackers. It’s not easy and you’ll often gnash your teeth in frustration but it’s still fun without being unfair.

arknight free game

Asphalt 9: Legends

Genre: Racing
Do you feel the need for speed? Do you have a burning need to tear the pavement  in a sports car at insane speeds while driving in a sufficiently terrifying manner that would leave you gran’ white knuckled in absolute terror? Then you’ll love this particular racing game. It’s fast, shiny and rewards fast reflexes.
asphalt 9 free game


Clash Royale

Genre: Strategy

Clash Royale’s main strength is its simplicity – you can play the game entirely one-handed which comes in handy when you’re on the commute and games are short, taking just 5 or so minutes to finish so it doesn’t take up too much of your time. There’s a collectible card element to upgrade your units, which you’ll have to judiciously allocate to attack either of two lanes to take out the other side but there’s quite a few tactics and unit combinations. Plus, if you’re patient and decently skilled, it’s very playable without having to pay a single cent.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Genre: On-the-rails Shooter

It’s a bit hard to peg Warhammer 40,000 : Freeblade but it combines elements of a loot-and-shoot with an on-the-rails shooter. You play as a pilot of a Knight, a bipedal war machine in the grim darkness that is the Warhammer 40,000 universe on a path to payback. The game does give you a feeling of power by pitting hordes of hapless infantry and dinky little vehicles for you to lay waste to but it’s when you face enemy war machines your size that the stakes are real. It’s a freemium and you can theoretically grind your way to glory but it’s one steep, grindy climb. There’s also multiplayer but that’s very hit-and-miss and more on what gear you have versus your skill or lack thereof.

Free game warhammer 40000 freeblade

Gangstar Vegas

Genre: Sandbox

gangstar vegas free game

Built on the lines of Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, Gangstar Vegas turned into a freemium game a couple of years back but the core mechanics are still grindable. You start off as an ex-boxer who got double crossed and who is now out for payback. This involves the usual amount of Fed-Ex quests and car chases around a modestly sized map of a fictional Las Vegas including a facsimile of the Strip and Fremont street. The core game mechanics are solid but the racing portions are borderline unfair. Still worth a whirl or two since it’s free.

Fallout shelter

Genre: Management

fallout shelter

At this point in time, it’s a game reflecting reality as you have to manage the life of a number of Vault Dwellers who live in a post-apocalyptic bunker. You have to train them up, expand their humble hole in the ground with new facilities, send expeditions out into the wasteland to get more tech and get more personnel the old fashioned way or by hiring visitors. That and fending off marauding bandits and the odd mutant roach or two. Surprisingly entertaining without you having to chunk out a cent.

Gameloft Classics: 20 Years

Gameloft’s gift to gamers for their 20th anniversary is an interesting collection of free games from the feature phone era. This compilation pack contains over two dozen vintage games across a range of genres from match three games and puzzlers all the way to shooters. The games are rather quaint in this day and age with somewhat kludgy controls and low resolution graphics but it’s a fun and free walk down memory lane.

free pc android games


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