Ubisoft’s premier tactical hack-em-up For Honor has surprising longevity and their Year 4 Season 2 Tyranny content is now live for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The new season debuts with a unique new in-game event called the Metal Trials which has the Test your Metal game mode where you have to take on impersonators of legendary warriors from the single player campaign in 4 vs 4 elimination matches. This match is only available for a limited time until July 2 and will have unique rewards so you need to finish it before it goes away for good.
For Honor Year 4 Season 2 Tyranny 1The new season update also adds in the usual slew of new outfits, ornaments, emotes, executions and an armour set along with the obligatory mainstay of gaming content these days – the battle pass. There will also be a new hero added to the roster and the usual balance tweaks.

For more details, swing by their official page at www.forhonorgame.com

For Honor Year 4 Season 2 Tyranny 2

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