My fantastic professional teeth whitening experience at We Smile Dental Clinic KL

My fantastic professional teeth whitening experience at We Smile Dental Clinic KL

We had a chance to speak to Ms. Bowie, the winner of the We Smile Dental Clinic KL teeth whitening giveaway who enjoyed a complimentary in-office teeth whitening session at the clinic under in-house dentist Dr. Chong. Ms. Bowie, who works as a public relations practitioner sat down for a chat about her experience a month after her exciting teeth whitening session at the clinic.

How do you feel after being announced the winner of the We Smile Dental Clinic KL teeth whitening session giveaway?

I was really stunned and surprised. There were no words to describe what I felt and this was the best giveaway that I have ever won. Dr. Chong who conducted my teeth whitening procedure gave wonderful advice to maintain my whiter smile longer after the procedure including making it compulsory to floss on top of brushing twice a day.


Why were you keen to undertake teeth whitening treatment? How do you feel about your teeth before and after the procedure?

Having whiter teeth gives you more confidence and I feel more confident and happier now when i smile. That is one of the reasons why I was looking to get my teeth whitened. Another reason is that people will judge you, even if subconsciously if you have yellowish teeth and perceive that you have less than savoury habits so it was a stroke of luck that I managed to win the giveaway. I would have undertaken the procedure myself out of my own pocket but i was so lucky and grateful that I won the giveaway at We Smile Dental Clinic KL.

Tell us about your teeth whitening experience

My teeth whitening session at We Smile Dental Clinic KL was my first time ever. It was a fun journey and a great experience. I did not know much about the procedure other than what my friends mentioned offhand but Dr. Chong was very helpful, patient and informative in telling me about what the treatment entailed before, during and after the teeth whitening session. I am truly very happy with my teeth whitening session at We Smile Dental Clinic KL.


How do you feel about the results after your Zoom teeth whitening experience?
When the treatment session ended I could see a great improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. Dr. Chong showed me my comparison charts before and after the whitening session and the improvement in shades was great. It has been more than a month after I had my teeth whitening session  and the whitening looks more natural now as it blends in with my original teeth while still looking much whiter. On average, I notice two to three shade of improvement over my original teeth colour a month after I conducted the treatment and I am very happy with the results.

I have never felt so great before as the results are immediate and they last quite a long time. Dr. Chong says it will last at least six months to a year and a top-up treatment is possible after a year to sustain my results.

Was there any discomfort or pain during or after the teeth whitening session?
I have sensitive teeth and Dr. Chong made me feel as comfortable as possible while also informing me that i may experience a tingling sensation during the treatment. It was still quite tolerable and I felt something a bit like pricking needles during the procedure. There was also a bit of bleeding before the teeth whitening treatment when he performed a scaling procedure as I have sensitive gums so that was expected. After the treatment, he gave me a pain relief gel to apply on my gums but I only needed it for one day and discontinued using it as I didn’t need it anymore. Recovery times vary from person to person but I felt fine after a day.

Any advice for those who are considering teeth whitening treatments?

Many people are scared of dentists but if you are keen on getting a brighter, more confident smile, teeth whitening is an option but do check with your dentist to find out the best possible treatment options. My advice is to go for it and not to be scared or worried about it.  

Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments take about an hour or two at We Smile Dental Clinic KL and are performed in-office with long-lasting results that can last from at least six months to a year, depending on a patient’s lifestyle or if they smoke or drink a lot of red wine and/or coffee which can stain the teeth. An initial consultation is free at We Smile Dental Clinic KL which is based in Taman Desa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To set up an appointment or to find out more, swing by their Facebook page at

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