Fallout 4 is Coming!

Fallout 4 is Coming!

If your wanderlust and thirst for shooting up Super Mutants and nutty wasteland survivors cosplaying as murderous Roman legionnaires with a gatling laser hasn’t been slaked just yet, you’re in luck as Bethesda has finally confirmed the launch of Fallout 4 with a rather stonkingly good trailer that adds tantalising hints as to what you’ll get to do in the game.

fallout 4

What’s clear is that it’ll involve a certain Vault 111 and takes place in Boston with all the trappings common to the franchise like powered armour suits, desolate wastelands to explore, Protectron robots shamblnig about the wastelands and, most important of all – Dogmeat is back! Well, Dogmeat or at least one of his possible descendants. There’s no inlking as to where or when in the timeline Fallout 4 occurs but we’ll just leave you with the trailer so that you can bask in its glory. Preorders are open on Steam with the game retailing for US$59.99 or about RM199. More updates available as they come in on www.fallout4.com




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