Facebook down for some users around the world

Facebook down for some users around the world

Facebook – the de facto social media site for everyone and anyone who has ever held a smartphone much less come into contact with a PC within the past decade seems to be temporarily down in some parts of the world.

Some users who have attempted to logon to Facebook have ended up with a blank page while others have managed to get onto the logon screen but were not able to access the site on their desktops. Other users have attempted to access Facebook via its mobile app with mixed results with some being unaffected.

Source: Down Detector at 1.17AM GMT+8

Source: Down Detector at 1.17AM GMT+8

On website watchdog Down Detector, some users have reported that “My internet FB via Chrome works, but my android phone doesn’t” while another reports that “Loads and runs fine on my iPhone but won’t load on laptop or desktop Macs”. Another user reported that “I go to Facebook and instead of seeing HTTP ERROR 500 message…Facebook (sic) is gone, no page to sign in just a white screen.

Source: Facebook's Developer Page

Source: Facebook’s Developer Page

The live outage map on Down Detector reports outages that are heavily focused on the continental United States along with Europe and certain parts of the world, including some parts of Malaysia at present. Facebook’s developer page has reported that “We are currently experiencing an increased level of API errors. We are investigating the cause and we’ll post updates when we have more information”.

 Facebook rarely goes down, if at all and its very absence scores the fact that it has become an indelible part of how we communicate and disseminate information in the post-modern information age. In the meantime, odds are some users will be enjoying a more productive day ahead in lieu of tilling virtual farms and clicking on Likes. As at press time, the issue is still ongoing. More news as the situation develops.

Down Detector site capture

Source: Down Detector


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