Fabulous Father’s Day cover

Father’s Day is arriving in the near future and if you’re stumped on what to get beyond the usual socks and cigars, well, Dyson has a sweet selection of potential gifts from their line-up that will really show you care. Here’s a set of Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts from Dyson that will really make his day!

Fabulous Father’s Day – Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde

The latest and most sophisticated air purifier in Dyson’s line-up, the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde has just arrived in Malaysia. Like its siblings, it’s able to purify and cool the air around it with a potent HEPA filter capable of filtering out 99.95% of particles from the air as sml as 0.1 microns. 

Where it earns its moniker is the inclusion of a solid-state formaldehyde sensor capable of detecting even minute amounts of toxic formaldehyde emanating from a variety of furnishings, paints and other household cleaning products lying about the house as well as a powerful filter capable of rendering it into harmless water and carbon dioxide. 

Fabulous Father’s Day purifier cool

Unlike more conventional designs, the formaldehyde sensor is a solid-state design that won’t dry out and last the entire lifetime of the machine. Priced at RM3,199, the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde is available for  purchase at www.dyson.my and Dyson Demo Stores (The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Southkey). 

Fabulous Father’s Day – Dyson Lightcycle Task Light

Exquisitely engineered to Dyson’s typical standards of excellence, the popular Dyson Lightcycle Task Light is akin to the more recent Lightcycle Morph save for a slightly different, more compact design though both have similarly powerful lighting performance.

Integrating a trio of warm and a trio of cool LEDs that are able to simulate daylight colour temperatures for rest or study, the Lightcycle Task Light is a fantastic addition to his home study or work desk. A sophisticated cooling array is built into the Dyson Lightcycle that ensures its LEDs remain constantly cooled with a rated usage lifetime of 60 years.

 Fabulous Father’s Day lightcycle

The Dyson Lightcycle task light is priced from RM2,399  and is available at www.dyson.my and Dyson Demo  Stores (The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Southkey). 

Fabulous Father’s Day – Dyson Supersonic hair dryer in Black/Nickel

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer remains the Rolls Royce of hair dryers with an unmistakable yet effective design that dries hair rapidly and efficiently without incurring heat damage though the colour choices weren’t particularly tempting for gentlemen. On that account for Father’s Day, their latest colourway addition in Black/Nickel looks absolutely ideal for dear old dad to dry his locks like a pro. 

 Fabulous Father’s Day supersponic black nickle

Bar the more masculine Black/Nickel paint job, it also includes a built-in sensor capable of measuring air temperature 40 times a second in order to ensure that air coming out of it isn’t too hot to the point that it can damage hair.

For a limited time, the Dyson Supersonic TM hair dryer (Black/Nickel) is priced at RM1,649  (with RM150 savings) and can be purchased at www.dyson.my and Dyson Demo Stores  nationwide.  

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