Powerful new EZYREC+ solution by Mobiversa makes recurring payments a cinch

Powerful new EZYREC+ solution by Mobiversa makes recurring payments a cinch

Bills, bills, bills. Every Joe on the street has to pay them and companies too and once things start scaling up with multiple payments to different companies and personnel, things can start getting complicated quickly. Fortunately, Malaysian payment services outfit Mobiversa have just the right solution to tackle recurring payments for businesses in a fuss-free fashion. Enter EZYREC+

EZYREC+ is a payment solutions system that can track and manage transactions on a fixed recurring timeline with the ability to handle, manage, track and accommodate out of the ordinary situations like late fees and whatnot. This makes it  ideal for businesses that run on a subscription-based model such as gyms, classes and other concerns.


Where EZYREC+ is a step above the competition is the ability to forecast revenue by offering insight for a coming quarter based on existing data so that business owners are effectively allocate resources. The EZYREC+ solution also offers a built-in dashboard that displays an overview of critical information so that it can be all taken in at a glance such as recent transactions, newly added customers and a tally of successful and failed transactions. While failed payments are a royal pain, EZYREC+ makes it a bit easier by allowing you to retry the payment or offer alternative payment method via a unique payment link to the payee.

Naturally, EZYREC+ is also PCI DSS compliant which ensures that customer data and payments are absolutely safe. Currently, an annual subscription plan for EZYREC+ costs RM1,499 but for the first 20 subscribers, Mobiversa is offered a whopping 50% off so all you have to pay is just RM749.

For the uninitiated, Mobiversa offers affordable e-payment system solutions that allow their customers to collect payments anywhere, anytime without forking out a ton of extra fees. They currently serve over 2,000 businesses in Malaysia and have been lauded as one of the 10 fastest growing FinTech companies in 2017 by IDC. For more details on EZYREC+, swing by their page at https://www.mobiversa.com/service_two

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