Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note9 now in video 1

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 remains one of the most powerful smartphones that money can buy today with the best hardware that Samsung can muster crammed into a slick looking glass and metal chassis. Not only is it packed with top-shelf specifications, it also has a number of interesting tricks and features about it that go way beyond a mere stat sheet such as it’s immensely useful S Pen stylus that can act as a remote for a number of features on the phone.


In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Note9 has a 6.4-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, a powerful Exynos 9810 octacore processor paired with either 6GB or 8GB RAM, up to 512GB of storage expandable to a whopping 1 terabyte and a humongous 4,000mAh battery for all-day use without having to slow down. Check out our Galaxy Note9 videos that chronicle its initial launch in Malaysia a few months back and which tell you just what tricks and features that Samsung’s wunderkind has to offer.

Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note9 now in video 2

Where it all began

The Galaxy Note9 made its grand debut in Malaysia in style with sports cars, a performance by the renowned South Korean K-tigers troupe and more. Get a ringside seat and see how the launch transpired from start to finish.

What does that Galaxy Note9 SPen do?

The crux around which the Galaxy Note9 draws its raison d’etre from, the S Pen stylus lets you annotate, draw, doodle and do a ton of stuff on the Note9. But wait, it gets better. This time around, the S Pen of the Galaxy Note9 has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to remotely use it as a shutter release for the rear or front camera, control video playback and more! Check out this video and see what tricks it can do!


What’s in the Galaxy Note9 box?

Befitting Samsung’s flagship phones, the Galaxy Note9 has a wealth of goodies crammed within. Check out this unboxing video where we lay bare everything the Note9 has to offer, dongles, cables and all out of the box!


Action movies? The Galaxy Note9’s super 960fps slow-mo has got you covered

Watch any action movie and you’ll discover that wonderful cinematic mainstay – slow motion for that critical bullet/car/killer robot/flying bottle dodging scene. Now, with the Galaxy Note9, you can do that too – here’s just how slow it can goooo.


Low on juice and in a hurry? Check the how fast the Galaxy Note9 can charge!

The Galaxy Note9 has a massive 4,000mAh battery that offers all day use. It also has fast charging support in the event that you need to have it charged in a hurry. How fast can it go? Watch the video and find out!


On the fence about the Galaxy Note9? Here’s five compelling reasons you need it

The Note9 is one of the most powerful phones that money can buy. Here’s five darned good reasons why you need to step right out and acquire it right now.

Got the Galaxy Note9? Here’s five pro tips

You have it in your hands, gleaming beautifully in the sunlight and have tinkered around with it but there is more lying beneath its glinting mirrored finish as the Note9 has a wealth of secret tips and tricks. Here are five of the best of them that will make you a real pro.


Going on holiday? Here’s how the Galaxy Note9 can make life (and your holiday) a lot more pleasant!


If you’re planning to go on that long awaited jaunt out of town, you have a ton of things to pack especially if you aim to remember the occasion like a camera, the charger for said camera and a ton of spare SD cards. And that’s not even counting your other holiday luggage and other kit. Here’s how to ditch all that and have a much more pleasant holiday!


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