Dell Technologies x Equinix APEX

At their virtual Dell Technologies World 2021 event, the company announced that they are taking the next step to expand their APEX services to even more partners and regions by teaming up with global digital infrastructure company, Equinix, which hosts a global network of over 200 Equinix International Business Exchange data centres across five continents. 

Jeff Clarke, Chief Operating Office and Vice Chairman Dell Technologies

Jeff Clarke, Chief Operating Office and Vice Chairman Dell Technologies at the Dell Technologies World 2021 virtual event

First unveiled at Dell Technologies World 2020 as Project APEX, APEX, as it’s now formally known, aims to simplify how businesses manage and service IT infrastructure – a traditionally challenging task even in the best of times – by offering easy, scalable IT as-a-service with access to Dell Technologies’ on-demand portfolio of infrastructure services across the spectrum.

APEX and its services are broadly demarcated into APEX Data Storage Services, APEX Cloud Services and APEX Custom Solutions all of which can be managed using the unified, self-service Apex Console.

Dell Technologies & Equinix Collaboration Benefits with APEX

What this team-up between Equinix and Dell Technologies effectively means is that Dell Technologies will manage the infrastructure at a data centre of a customer’s choice within Equinix’s global network, with costs consolidated into a single bill via the powerful infrastructure management capabilities of APEX. This collaboration enables customers to effectively, and rapidly, scale their digital transformation journey with a hybrid or multi-cloud their own pace and requirements.

Given the immense and growing amount of data created every day, companies want to work with trusted partners to coordinate infrastructure and management with business requirements,” said Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “By expanding our longstanding relationship with Equinix, we can deliver a secure, on-demand hybrid cloud solution that emphasises efficiency, is consistent everywhere, and helps customers turn data into a valuable decision-making tool.”  

Dell Technologies teams up with Equinix to expand APEX services 1

Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies

The flexible nature of APEX’ as-a-Service offerings enable organisations to shift to an OpEx model, allowing for efficient budget allocation as customers needn’t have to bear the travails of over or underestimating resources. With APEX, customers go the pay-as-you-use route, with a single-rate, no overage fees or surge pricing. Using the APEX Console, stakeholders know exactly how much storage infrastructure is used, easily estimate how much is needed in future at a glance and pay fairly for usage. 

APEX Equinix Dell Technologies chart

As companies continue to create more data, they want the ability to store and manage that data when and where they need it. Whether their data lives within a data centre, at the edge or across public and private clouds, customers want more choice and greater flexibility in managing their hybrid IT infrastructure,” said Eric Schwartz, chief strategy and development officer, Equinix.

By collaborating with Equinix, Dell Technologies can provide APEX Data Storage Services to support these customers’ hybrid multi-cloud requirements on a global scale.” For more on Dell Technologies and APEX, check out their official page

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