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Edifier has developed a sound reputation for reliable and affordable audio gear and their Edifier X5 is the latest addition to their wireless earbud line-up that aims to offer a lot of sonic bang for the buck. Here’s our Edifier X5 review that puts it to the test.

What are the Edifier X5 True Wireless Earbuds

The Edifier X5 True Wireless earbuds embody all the hallmarks of the brand with an array of specifications that attempt to punch above its price point.

Out of the box, you get a modest selection of accessories on top of the earbuds themselves, each nestled separately in a plastic vacuum-formed tray. You get the obligatory user manual, two additional pairs of small and large ear tips and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable to complement the Edifier X5.

Edifier X5 Review items in box

In terms of build quality and design, the Edifier X5 is primarily built of plastic done up in a matte black finish. The charging case itself has a fairly chunky, vertically oriented form factor somewhat akin to a treasure chest. The top lid itself sports a reflective panel emblazoned with the Edifier logo with a small cutout at the front portion to offer an easier grip.

The base of the earbuds is otherwise unadorned save for the usual recycled and warning labels though the rear portion just below the hinge features a USB-C charging port along with an LED indicator just below it to indicate charging status . Flipping the lid open reveals the earbuds which nestle into a custom fitted nook for charging.

Each of the Edifier’s earbuds features the customary bulbous driver housing and elongated stem in keeping with many contemporary earbuds save that this time around, the stems are a bit on the short side. The earbuds are each pre-fitted with a medium sized pair of ear tips though a small and large sized ear tip are available to swap out at your discretion. 

Edifier X5 Review ear buds close up

For controls, the Edifier X5 relies on a series of taps on a touch control surface on each earbud that are indicated by a bronze Edifier logo. 

Of note is that the earbuds are rated IP55 for water and dust resistance which means they’re protected against dust and showers though they’re still not rated for a dip in the pool. To wit, that means they should be able to survive a trip to the gym, a deluge of rain or a fairly slow shower.

This puts them a notch above other mainstream earbuds for survivability especially for those who travel around quite a bit. This isn’t the case for the charging case though so some care needs to be taken to protect the case itself from dust and water hazards.

In terms of build quality, the Edifier X5 proves to be both light and sturdily built though it’s a bit on the chunky side of things which makes it a bit of a pain to toss into a pocket. It also feels somewhat plasticky but the matte finish and the inherent lightness offered by polycarbonate are fair trade-offs, more so for what you pay for.

Edifier X5 Review – Specifications

Price RM139
Drivers 10mm dynamic driver
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Connectivity Bluetooth V5.0 w/ A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Supported Codecs SBC, aptX/td>
Battery 6 hours (per earbud) + 15 hours (charging case) (21 hours in total, quoted) | 1.5 hours charging time per earbud & 2 hours for case
Size 30 x 40 x 58mm / 4.8g (earbud)
Edifier X5 Review – Specifications

Edifier X5 Review – Setup and Performance

Under the hood, our Edifier X5 review sample comes with 10mm dynamic drivers with Dual Mic noise cancelling and pairs up to compatible devices with Bluetooth v5.0. 

The control scheme is relatively straightforward and follows most other earbuds with a single tap controlling pause and play, a double click to fast forward one track, a triple click to rewind one track and a touch and hold summoning your preferred voice assistant of choice. Volume control is via your paired device and unfortunately, there is no means to modify this setup as it’s hardwired into the device.

Edifier X5 review lid open

More astute readers will recall that Edifier does have an app to control some of their earbuds such as their Edifier NB2 which we reviewed awhile back ; alas the Edifier X5 is not compatible with the app itself. This also means that there are no means to tweak the provided sound profile or customise the equaliser settings to taste.

When put to the test, our Edifier X5 review sample served up pretty decent performance for what you pay for. It served up fair levels of detail with good sound separation that is apparent in Pink Floyd’s ‘Time’. Vocals when taken for a whirl through several movies off Netflix.

The 10mm dynamic drivers were able to serve up a modest amount of bass though it isn’t particularly thumpy or deep. The earbuds were also not very loud either even when dialled to maximum though to its credit, there’s little distortion even when you max out the dial.

On the bright side, call quality was good on both sides with clear voice quality though background noise was evident to some degree from our side with the sound of background traffic apparent through the call.

Battery life matches its quoted endurance with a full charge on the earbuds lasting a few minutes short of the quoted six hours and the charging case offering two or so additional charges which easily allows it to last a couple of days of modest usage. 

The provision of IP55 also makes it a viable choice for taking on a jog or workouts. Fortunately, the earbuds are relatively secure and remained in place even after a prolific series of jumping jacks.

Edifier X5 Review – Should you buy the Edifier X5 TWS earbuds?

The Edifier X5 true wireless earbuds offer good value for money, combining above average sound quality with a robust IP55 rating and fair battery life. Build quality remains a bit on the plasticky side and the inability to control the volume or tweak sound settings are sore points.

Edifier X5 review cover 2

Even so, these are small quibbles at this price point for what you pay for. If you’re looking for an affordable general purpose workhorse pair of wireless earbuds for daily use, this is worthy of consideration.

Review unit courtesy of Inter Asia. Available for purchase online at https://inter-asia.com.my/product/edifier-audio/edifier-earphones/tws-series/edifier-x5/

Edifier X5 Review
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Battery Life
  • Value
  • Comfort

Edifier X5 Review

The Edifier X5 True Wireless earbuds represent great value for what you pay for with a good price-to-performance ratio, water resistant design and decent battery life.


Decent battery life

IP55 water resistance

Good audio performance for music and general listening


Overall finish feels a bit plasticky

No equaliser

No built-in volume controls

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