Dyson’s Airwrap Styler is a stylist’s delight 1

For most of us lads, Dyson is best known for making some darned good vacuum cleaners that are some of the most powerful and lightest bits of kit to bust dust around the home as well as some seriously cool (literally) bladeless fans that also clean the air of muck. Now, it seems they’ve added hair styling accessories to their portfolio as they’ve recently released their Dyson Airwrap styler, a lightsaber shaped device done up in silver with pink trim that can, we are reliably told, give you natural waves, ultra smooth blow-dry finishes and curls that go on forever in the comfort of your own home.


While the Dyson Airwrap isn’t exactly handy for the average lad who barely has enough hair on their bonce to even style, it has, as you’d likely surmise vastly more utility for the fairer sex. Unlike conventional styling tools, the Airwrap takes advantage of Dyson’s knowhow in engineering as it’s built around a Dyson V9 digital motor that, minus all the complicated physics, takes advantage of what they call the Coanda effect to help you style your hair with both air and heat to create curves, waves or smoothen it out as you so desire without incurring heat damage to your lovely locks. That’s not all though as it has a set of styling brushes that also help to align your hair when styling to give it that stylish stylist-inspired blow dry finish and it’s also able to style wet hair too.

Dyson’s Airwrap Styler is a stylist’s delight 2

The Dyson Airwrap styler ships in three different bundles, each of which comes with different attachments to achieve specific looks though the basic Airwrap attachment is identical in each case with the last and largest bundle packing everything but the kitchen sink to allow you to masterfully master your locks.

The Dyson Airwrap Volume+Shape has attachments designed to add body and volume to limp and flat hair for RM1,999. The Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control variant gives you the ability to tame frizzy hair and smoothen it out for RM1,999 as well. The Dyson Airwrap Complete gives you everything you need to control multiple hairtypes for RM2,199. If this floats your boat, or your locks, so to speak, you can check it out and acquire it at the Dyson online store at www.dyson.my

Dyson’s Airwrap Styler is a stylist’s delight 3

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