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The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was launched a couple of years back but is still lauded as the Bently of hair dryers. It hasn’t been surpassed as yet in design or performance though it also still costs a pretty penny. For a limited time, you’re now able to trade in your grotty, old hair dryer and get RM300 off to own a spanking new Dyson Supersonic. 

What this means is that you’re only paying only RM1,699 for the Dyson Supersonic off the original price tag of RM1,999. There’s a bit of fine print of course. The offer is ongoing until the end of the month (31st August 2020) and  you can trade in ANY hair dryer whether it’s working or not at all Dyson Demo stores and participating retailers to be eligible for the rebate. You’re only able to trade-in one hair dryer per transaction when purchasing one Supersonic hair dryer.

Dyson supersonic promo

At RM1,699, the Dyson Supersonic is remarkably sophisticated as hair dryers go and powerful to boot with the ability to kick out 41 litres of airflow without heat damage to your bonce. For styling purposes, you’re able to add in a series of additional attachments to achieve different styling effects for different hair types which makes it versatile too.

dyson supersonic purple


Why Buy the Dyson Supersonic?

While many naysayers would balk at what you would consider as a daunting price of entry at RM1,999, the trade-up programme makes it more accessible at RM1,699. What you get with the Dyson Supersonic isn’t just its capabilities alone but the reassuring fact that it is constructed with such high standards that it will likely last you for many years to come without a drop in performance. When we last visited the Dyson MDC and its massive test labs, we saw every single item in their line-up rigorously tested to levels that would trash cheaper devices and still keep ticking.

Dyson Supersonic

Durability notwithstanding, the main calling card here is the power you have on hand with its built-in V9 digital motor that’s 6 times faster than competing hair dryer motors. Add in Dyson’s unique Air Multiplier tech that creates a faster, stronger stream of air and you are able to get faster, better results in less time.

That’s not all though, the Supersonic has intelligent heat control with a built-in sensor measuring air temperature at over 40 times a second to ensure the heat coming out of the handpiece is constantly regulated at safe levels to prevent hair damage which in turn also affects hair appearance, making it less shiny.

Dyson Supersonic trade-in mechanics

Seeing the nature of the promotion, you’ll naturally have to appear in person to do the trade-in and buy your Supersonic. You’re able to acquire it in two colourways. – Iron/Red and Fuchsia/Nickle at all Dyson demo stores though the latter is also available at selected retailers too.

dyson supersonic red

 The differences don’t end in just different paint jobs though. The Iron/Red coloured variant comes with a free presentation case done up in red while the Fuchsia/Nickle version has a Dyson-engineered detangling comb and vented brush. For more details and the fine print check out their Facebook page at i

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