Dyson Pure Cool Me personal air purifier is cool in more ways than one

Dyson Pure Cool Me personal air purifier is cool in more ways than one

Dyson is taking things up a notch as they have unleashed a whole slew of offerings in Southeast Asia. A few days ago, they unveiled the brand new Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner, the literally enlightening Dyson Lightcycle task light and the rather unique Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan in a grand launch in Singapore.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me fan is an interesting offering indeed in their lineup of purifying fans. As the smallest and most compact model in their line-up, the raison d’etre of the Pure Cool Me isn’t to cool an entire room unlike its larger siblings the Dyson Pure Cool Tower and the Pure Cool Desk. Instead, its ambit is significantly more personalised, hence its name, and is designed as a solution to cool and purify the environs around just one person only.

Coming in two different colours, namely a shiny white with silver  trim and a newer gunmetal finish with copper trim, the Dyson Pure Cool Me is relatively light at 2.7kg and reaches to just below your knee in height. Externally, it looks rather different from its other Pure Cool siblings with a cute hemispherical dome on top and a cylindrical base at the bottom that houses the majority of the hardware with the whole design looking somewhat like a cute robot of sorts.

As with everything from Dyson, form follows function and every inch of the Pure Cool Me has been purpose built for maximum functionality. To wit, they’ve actually gone through 2,022 prototypes before settling on a final model and design. Now, that’s dedication.


Getting in the flow with Dyson Core Flow tech

Air gets drawn in around the base of the unit and goes through an activated carbon and glass HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of the ultrafine particles in the air down to particulates as small as 0.1 microns – that’s 300 times narrower than a human hair, mind – which makes it a godsend for pollen season and for those with allergies. Once the air has been purified, it gets directed out through the dome in a cooling stream of air.

The genius here is that rather than a conventional mechanism to direct air like a normal table fan, the Pure Cool Me culls a bit of tech off the Harrier VTOL jump jet and distills it into what they called Dyson Core Flow tech. Essentially, this employs a unique principle of air flow dynamics. When high velocity jets of air are passed over a convex surface like dome section of the Dyson Pure Cool Me, they coalesce into a focused stream of air which lets you direct it where you need it to go.

Fortunately, the Pure Cool Me is whisper silent as well and it’s only at maximum speed that you hear the gush of air emanating from the Pure Cool Me on account of the superior sound dampening that they’ve built into the chassis.

Even if you’re away from the unit, you can take advantage of a provided remote control that lets you set the timer and tweak other settings too including the ability to oscillate about 70-degrees from side to side for maximum coverage. Rather than relying on guesswork, the Pure Cool Me has a small LCD readout at the bottom which lets you see the fan speed, what mode you’re setting it in and if the built-in filters need changing.

Sweet, where can i score a Dyson Pure Cool Me?

Seeing the increasing average heat in Malaysia, acquiring one of these babies makes sense, more so for the fact that it’s compact and portable enough that you can use one in the office or by your bedside.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifier fan is available in white/silver and gunmetal/copper at a retail price of RM1,699 at all good retailers nationwide  including the Dyson Demo outlets at The Gardens Mall in Midvalley Megamall and the Gurney Plaza in Penang and online at https://shop.dyson.my


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