Dyson lightcycle

Introduced alongside the new Dyson V11 cordless vacuum and the Dyson Pure Cool Me at their recent regional launch in Singapore, the Dyson Lightcycle is certainly the most unusual offering that they have ever showcased. Rather than a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer or styling wand or, for the matter an air purifier, the Dyson Lightcycle is a desk or floor lamp that aims to redefine and take the plain old concept of an illumination device to new heights.

As you’d likely expect from an example of Dyson hardware, the Lightcycle is over-engineered to impressive new heights as it doesn’t just dispense light on demand. It does far more than that. Far more.

Dyson Lightcycle task light will light up your life for up to 60 years 1

The Dyson Lightcycle is built around a light array that consists of 3 warm and 3 cool LEDs that work in tandem to simulate daylight colour temperatures from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin to more than 1,000 Lux brightness for rest or study. Where conventional LEDs will burn out over time, Dyson’s Lightcycle adds in some high-end tech typically used in orbital satellites by integrating a vacuum-sleaed copper tube as a heat sink to keep the LED array constantly cool so that it will keep working for 60 years. That is one heck of a lifespan for a product.

Dyson Lightcycle task light will light up your life for up to 60 years 2

Built on a sturdy base, the Lightcycle has a precise counterweight and a smoothly designed pivot that lets you move the light up and down as well as spin it with little more than a pinky finger to adjust it on demand. Up close, the lamp has a series of touch-capacitive sliders that let you control the brightness and lighting temperature on demand but the lamp is significantly smarter than that as it is able to automatically adjust the lighting temperature of its lamp based on the current time of day in order to optimise light quality and to minimise eye strain.

Dyson Lightcycle task light will light up your life for up to 60 years 3

To do so, the Lightcycle uses a sophisticated algorithm that tracks time, date and location to calculate the colour temperature and brightness of daylight for wherever you use it on the planet. The lamp is even able to adjust the lighting levels based on the user’s age once as a geriatric will need four times more light than someone that’s only 20 years old. All this customised lighting is achieved via paring the Lightcycle up with the Dyson Link app from your phone.

Dyson Lightcycle task light will light up your life for up to 60 years 4

The Lightcycle also has a series of pre-set lighting modes for specific scenarios – Study, Relax, Precision, Boost, Wake-up, Sleep and Away. The last mode is the most interesting of all as Away mode automatically turns the light on and off at set times so that it looks like someone is in the house; handy if you’re going on vacation. Other interesting mod-cons include an infrared proximity sensor that turns the light off when you’re away and on when you’re nearby as well as a USB Type-C port for charging duties though we weren’t able to discern if it had any fast charging capabilities at launch.

Dyson Lightcycle task light will light up your life for up to 60 years 5


For Malaysia, Dyson is slating the Lightcycle to arrive sometime in 2019. There are no prices for it as yet but in Singapore, the desktop version will retail at SGD799 (about RM2,438) and the floor standing version will retail at SGD1,199 (about RM3,658) with availability slated in July 2019. We’ll keep you lot enlightened on launch details for the Dyson Lightcycle in Malaysia.