Dyson debuts their next generation V11 cordless vacuum, Lightcycle and Pure Cool Me in Southeast Asia

Dyson debuts their next generation V11 cordless vacuum, Lightcycle and Pure Cool Me in Southeast Asia

Mention the name Dyson and the first thing that comes to mind are their gloriously over-engineered products that not only act as the proverbial cutting edge of whatever category they’re competing in. In an exclusive launch in Singapore, Dyson revealed three new offerings that they will be bringing into Southeast Asia – their next-generation V11 cordless vacuum cleaner, the Lightcycle task light and the Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan.

The three new products that Dyson are offering are diverse indeed but all of them act as part of a grand ecosystem of products that Dyson envisions will become integrated parts of a modern connected home.

Dyson V11 cordless vacuum

The star of the show was certainly the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaner which took centrestage. Intended as the successor of the Dyson V10 launched last year, the Dyson V11 bears similar aesthetics with a design somewhat akin to a sci-fi raygun with a pistol-shaped grip but as with anything from Dyson, form follows function and the whole affair has been intentionally crafted from within and without for maximum performance.  

What is the most obvious difference with the V10 and V11 though is the inclusion of a rear circular LCD readout that resolves the classic problem prevalent in vacuums – not knowing how much juice you have left or if something is wrong with the darned thing. The LCD readout in the Dyson V11 lets you know at a glance how much battery power is left depending on what mode you are using from the usual Auto, high-powered Boost and Eco modes and it also tells you if there’s a blockage or if the bin that needs clearing.

Under the hood, the Dyson V11 offers 20% enhanced performance over its predecessor on account of a redesigned V11 digital motor powering the whole affair. Compared to the older V10, the v11 digital motor has redesigned S-shaped impeller blades, a stronger ceramic shaft that’s three times tougher than steel and even more closely designed tolerances.

While it spins at a similar 125,000 as its predecessor, the upgraded designed offers more Air Watts – a unit of measure for the airflow and power a vacuum creates – than the V10. The V11 is also quieter than its predecessor by a good measure of better sound dampening tech.

The V10 (left) and V11 digital motor(right) side by side

Another key innovation with the Dyson V11 that the brand was particularly proud of is a smarter cleaner head that dynamically adapts suction power, thanks to a trio of processors that constantly samples the environment dozens of times a minute, for maximum performance regardless if you’re working on a hard floor, a carpet or anything in between. Like its predecessor, the Dyson V11 is able to capture 99.97% of particles in the air that are as small as 0.3 microns, which includes pollen and bacteria which means it offers a thorough cleaning indeed.


In Malaysia, the Dyson V11 will come in three bundles, all of which feature slightly different attachments that snap onto the V11 for different cleaning scenarios. At launch, the Dyson V11 will come with the Dyson V11 Absolute package which has the aforementioned High Torque cleaner head, a soft roller cleaner head, a crevice tool and a combination tool for RM3,399. A more affordable variant that has the mostly the same tools sans the High Torque head dubbed the V11 Fluffy as well as a premium Absolute+ that include everything the V11 Absolute has on top of an additional gold-coloured extension piece and a floor dock for a bit more.

The latter two combinations will be available later on in Malaysia but as of today, the Dyson V11 Absolute package is available nationwide this month at https://shop.dyson.my as well as the Dyson Demo outlets at the Gardens Mall and Gurney Plaza as well as good retailers nationwide.

Dyson Pure Cool Me

While Dyson has created purifying fans before, the new Dyson Pure Cool Me is a novel, more personalised design. Rather than cleaning an entire room, the Pure Cool Me, as you’d likely surmise from the name is about a modestly sized air purifying fan that’s sized just right to fit on your desk and clear the immediate air around you while keeping you cool.

Dyson’s attention to engineering is apparent all around with design cues culled from their higher end, larger designs with brushed aluminium and clean white surfaces. The upper section, which resembles a sphere cut in half with an indentation in the middle acts as a directional mechanism to direct the airflow as needed while the bottom bit houses the air filter and control mechanisms.

Pure Cool Me

The Pure Cool Me comes in two colours

According to Dyson, there are a large amount of pollutants mucking about indoors with volatile organic compounds from all manner of products lying about like hair sprays, scented candles, gas hob and the rest while the carpet and other surfaces can act as a potential hotspot that accumulates dust and pollutants. This is where the Pure Cool Me comes in as it has a potent HEPA filter that captures 99.95% of particle pollutants in the air and is also capable of trapping particles as small as 0.1 microns; that’s 300 times smaller than a human hair. Most welcome is the fact that it also deals with and traps gases, odours and other household fumes too for pong free living.

Of particular value is that the Pure Cool Me has been designed to be as quiet as possible and is almost whisper silent unless you dial it to maximum power; important seeing as it’s usually less than an arm’s length away from you. The Pure Cool Me is available in two colours – White/Silver and Gunmetal/Copper for RM1,699 and will be available in Malaysia online this month at https://shop.dyson.my as well as the Dyson Demo outlets at the Gardens Mall and Gurney Plaza as well as good retailers nationwide.

Pure Cool Me interior

Dyson Lightcycle task light

The average bloke would wonder how one would improve on the ubiquitous desk lamp the Dyson has managed to achieve that elusive goal with their Lightcycle task light that can offer almost 60 years of pure light giving power from the day you buy it.

The Lightcycle task light, as Dyson is wont to call it is basically a desk lap capable of adjusting its lighting temperature from cool to warm based on the ambient light or time of day with the ability to interact with it via an app to help adjust your sleep cycles intelligently or optimise the lighting for work or rest via the aforementioned app.

The sturdy base hosts a vertical cruciform armature that has a counterweight which enables you to turn and adjust the light as needed with little more than a pinky finger. Controlling the Lightcycle is via a touch sensitive control panel just above the bulb housing that lets you tweak the brightness and colour temperature as needed.

They’ve thought of everything on the Lightcycle and it even has a USB C port built into the assembly for charging devices too though we weren’t able to determine how much juice it can offer. There’s no price as yet for Malaysia but the Lightcycle has been launched in China at US$599.99 which is about RM2,488 in local currency. There’s also no specific launch date as yet but we’ll keep you posted on this novel offering.

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