Dyson has made the name for themselves with best-in-class haircare kit like their Supersonic hair dryer and their Airwrap styling wand that was released last year. This time around, they’ve unveiled another surprise that aims to straighten out the competition. Literally. Enter the Dyson Corrale straightener.

Dyson Corrale

The Dyson Corrale looks like a conventional pair of hair straighteners though it has so much tech in it that it’s like comparing a Harrier VTOL jump jet to the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk. While it bears a passing similarity to the design of a standard hair straightener, it is anything but as it uses what Dyson calls microhinged plate tech that perfectly gathers and aligns hair in one pass before intelligently applying heat at just the right temperature evenly to every hair tress in order to achieve outstandingly straightened hair with minimal heat damage. 

Dyson Corrale interior

Technically speaking, the Dyson Corrale uses a series of patented manganese copper alloy plates that has been precisely machined with grooves that are the width of a human hair – 65 microns. A combination of heat, tension and control at just the right levels breaks down the hydrogen bonds in hair and then applying compression and tension to reshape and style them to order without relying on excessive heat that may inadvertently incur long-term damage to hair. The end result, luxuriously even, straightened locks without a reduction in hair strength, gloss and colour.

Dyson Corrale interior 2

Better yet, the Dyson Corrale is cordless. It uses a four-cell lithium-ion battery that offers 30 minutes of use and which requires 70 minutes for a full charge. If you’re going for a full-on styling session, you can still use a magnetically attached charging cable for uninterrupted power.

Dyson Corrale Price in Malaysia

If this floats your boat, the Dyson Corrale is coming to Malaysia soon at a price tag of RM2,199 in two colours – Purple/Black and Black Nickel/Fuchsia. For more details stay tuned to Dyson’s official page at https://www.dyson.my/products/hair-care/dyson-corrale-straightener

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