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Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Dyson is offering homeowners a head start on their spring cleaning both the home and general well being with promotions on all of their diverse line-up including their vaunted V11 Fluffy cordless vacuum, Supersonic hair dryer and more in their Dyson CNY 2021 promotions. 

Here’s the special promotions that Dyson has ahead of Chinese New Year and how you can score them right now.


Get your home spotlessly dust free with these Dyson CNY 2021 special promotions

If you’re up to speed on Chinese custom, it’s typical to conduct a spring cleaning session ahead of Chinese New Year as it’s considered bad form to leave a broom lying about in plain sight for the duration of the festival and to also usher in a new year with a proverbial clean slate. 

Naturally, we’re in the business here of sharing how to make life better through the power of tech and rather than use a primitive broom which has dust flying about, we have a far better alternative that helps you can home floors and surfaces of dust, dirt and almost everything else in sight. Meet the Dyson V11 Fluffy cordless vacuum. 

Dyson v11 fluffy

The Dyson V11 Fluffy is a high-powered workhorse that can tackle cleaning task.

We reviewed the V11 previously and its superior design and performance make it a very worthy investment for any household looking for a thorough, dust free clean. You get a rear LCD readout that gives you remaining battery life lets you select how powerful you want it to suck (literally) and also if you encounter any potential blockage too.

For a limited time, Dyson is offering an RM300 discount off the Dyson V11 Fluffy cordless vacuum so that you’re able to purchase it for RM2,599 versus its original cost for RM2,899. 

Dyson Digital Slim

The Dyson Digital Slim is light and compact, making it highly portable and ideal for petite users.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter but just as powerful, you can also explore Dyson’s Digital Slim vacuum which is a good deal lighter than the Dyson V11 but can match it in terms of suction power which makes it ideal for more petite users.

We also reviewed the outstanding Digital Slim and for Chinese New Year, Dyson is throwing in a free floor dock with their Digital Slim Fluffy Pro that’s retailing for RM2,799. These offers are good until 31st January at all Dyson service centres, Dyson Demo stores and online at www.dyson.my

Get a new look for a new year with Dyson CNY 2021 hair care tool promotions

Getting a new look and hair style can now be done at home in style as Dyson is showcasing a unique variant of their Supersonic hair dryer that comes in an auspicious shade of red and nickel for Chinese New Year.

The Dyson Supersonic has their potent Air Multiplier tech that ensures a powerful, high-powered flow of air while built-in temperature regulation to avoid heat damage to your hair.

Dyson supersonic red

For Chinese New Year, you can purchase the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer in the aforementioned Red/Nickel finish for RM1,799 and they’re throwing in a free red presentation case with the option for free personalisation by engraving your initials on the case itself.

Dyson’s revolutionary Airwrap hair styling wand is also available to easily, rapidly and effectively curl your hair via the Coanda effect for all hair types.

For a limited time, you can purchase the Dyson Airwrap in a prosperous shade of Iron/Red and Dyson is throwing in a free presentation case that you can also personalise for RM2,199. For more details on the Dyson CNY 2021 promotions, where to buy them and their more, check out www.dyson.my

dyson red box

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