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The stars are aligned and the astrological conjunction that will herald websites buckling under the weight of hundreds of ‘add to cart’ is nigh and Dyson aims to offer up a slew of bargains in their upcoming Dyson 10.10 2021 sales that have an array of bargains across the board for all their best floorcare and haircare offerings as well as discounts exclusive to VISA credit card owners.

Dyson 10.10 2021 Sales  lightcycle

If you own a VISA credit card, you’re in for a treat. On the Dyson 10.10 2021 sales, you’re able to get the first generation Dyson Lightcycle desk light at an RM600 discount, knocking the original price of RM2,399 down to RM1,799. Another VISA bonus is an RM300 discount on the Dyson Corrale which temporarily puts the price down to RM1,899.

dyson 10 10 2021 sales (4)

Even if you don’t own a VISA credit card, fret not as their other bargains are tempting indeed. For the Dyson 10.10 2021 sales, you get a straight RM300 off their Dyson Omni-glide+, their Dyson Micro and their Dyson Digital Slim cordless vacuums. Say goodbye to dust bunnies. For those seeking cleaner air at home, their Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is a sweet RM400 off.

dyson 10 10 2021 sales (4)

Now is a better time than ever as ordering on their official site gets you free delivery nationwide, 2 to 5 years of warranty and 0% interest debit card instalments from RM141 a month for eligible customers. The Dyson 10.10 exclusive promos will be valid until 11 October 2021 at their official www.dyson.my website and will conclude at 11.59PM (MYT). For more details, check out bit.ly/dyson-octoberoffers

dyson 10 10 2021 sales (4)

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